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Rowans busy bird morning

Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Rowans enjoyed a busy morning learning about some of the birds that we might see in our woods, garden and in our bird feeding area.

We started the morning quietly listening to the birdsong in the woods…it was very noisy! Next we played a fun game -Owl and Mouse.

Then we went on a hunt around the site, each looking for two different types of bird cards…

We talked about the different birds, naming the robin, blackbird, wren, starling and blue tit…then we matched our pictures to a big bird poster…we were impressed with how carefully the class looked at and matched the birds.

Also during the morning, the children were able to choose to make a cheerio bird feeder…we saw lots of concentration in this activity!

Lastly, after a warming hot chocolate, we worked together to make our own Forest School bird picture on the ground. What a work of art!



A happy hedgehog morning with Rowans

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Rowans had a great morning making their own clay hedgehogs and then working together to make a hedgehog home. They started off by collecting small twigs, to represent the prickles on a hedgehogs back…then they pushed them into a  clay body shape.

Everyone worked hard on their designs and were very independent!

Next we walked through the woods, looking for a good place to make a home for a hedgehog. We used a box with a hole cut out for a door, covered it to keep any visiting hedgehogs warm and dry, then camouflaged it with lots of sticks. Rowans worked well both individually and together today…and we saw lots of proud and happy faces!

Woodland Creatures

Friday, 19 January 2018

Welcome to a new term of Langley Forest School!

Children in Rowans and Poplars are having a quick half-term experience out in the woods…and it’s really clear what an impact their  previous experiences out there has had on them. They were fantastic- from the word go they were engaged, knew the forest rules, were immediately able to respond to ‘sticky elbows’ (our safety call) and were really keen to use the site.

This term we are learning about what animals live in woods, what their habitats and homes are called and where to find them. We started off with hunting for and identifying the animals, then decided to make our own animal homes.

Poplars also asked to revamp the Bug Hotel. So we started filling some containers with different things such as straw, leaves, sticks, bark, and pine cones, hoping to attract a range of mini-beast friends. We’ll continue next time…we ideas to make it look spectacular!

(please click to enlarge the photos)




The Gruffalo

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

What a fabulous day!

To start the session, Rowans listened to ‘The Gruffalo’. You can hear the story here…

Then they chose from different Gruffalo activities…

Like making a natural art picture of one of the story characters. (Please click the pictures to make them bigger)



…or making a log pile just like the one Snake lives in


…or collecting teeny tiny things, for Mouse to eat.

P1090292P1090281P1090282 P1090295

“I’m shaking my food all round this tree” “Why are you doing that?” “So Mouse can find it later and eat it all up”…What a good idea!

…or making a shelter big enough to fit the Gruffalo in. In fact, it was big enough to fit ALL of the class inside!


And just to finish a perfect, happy, hard working morning, we saw a brilliant example of problem solving, team work and cooperation.

“Come on-your turn” (child couldn’t get up onto the swing…) “Right-you hold the back”…”Ok, I’ve got it”…”Now I hold the front”…”No, that’s not good!”…”You hold the seat, I’ll pull him on” “YES! Now we can push!”


Rainy day webs

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

It was another cold, muddy and very wet day for Rowans…but it didn’t stop us having fun!

First, we listened to the story -‘The Very Busy Spider’.

We gathered under the shelter and all worked together as a team to create a web just like the one in the story. We took turns to wrap the ball of string around a log, then had to throw it across the circle for someone else to do the same…we had to think about the best place for it to go and had to aim carefully so that it reached the target!



When the web was finished, we took turns to be a spider and to cross over from one side to the other!


It was so wet, that we finished our session inside Hollies, our forest classroom. We made and painted with mud and made our own spider webs which were so lovely, they went on display!


Rainy day fun…

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

What a wet morning…but what a great time we had today!

Our plans and activities all changed when Rowans discovered what fun it was to play in the rain and splash in muddy puddles.


Catching raindrops from the shelter roof made us giggle!

(Click the pictures to enlarge them)


The children invented a game, that involved running and stomping up and down the paths and seeing who could jump in the puddles and make the biggest splash! It was brilliant fun! We saw great team work and heard lots of lovely language.


In between splashing and playing…we did manage to continue our tool work too!



Rowans…did you enjoy your rainy day?!

Drills and ropes and lots of fun!

Thursday, 25 February 2016

Today Rowans class learnt how to use the Bit and Brace Drill.  There were lots of excited “wow’s” to be heard! They carefully drilled a hole into a slice of wood and either drew or stamped a woodland animal picture onto it.



Look at all the other fun things we did!

Creating bridges and rope structures…and climbing through them!



Cooking and serving lots of different mud meals


Bird feeders and bug hunting…


Digging and building dens.




Birds galore

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

(Remember to click the photos to enlarge them)

Today, Rowans class were thinking about all the birds that visit Langley School.

Some children wanted to continue with the nest building they had done in their previous session.

This group worked together to improve the big nest, by mixing up soil and water…

P1080810P1080789P1080798P1080811 …then using the mud they made to hold the sticks together. Just like the real birds nest we recently looked at.

Most of the class were keen to make a bird feeder. They concentrated for a long time, worked very well together and really enjoyed hanging up the finished results for our birds to eat!


Some children worked on extending the nest. This looks like a very long perch for lots of birds to share! What do you think it could be?



We think that the birds at Langley School will be singing a thank-you to all the children in Rowans class!

Have you seen any birds in your garden? Do you feed them? Leave us a comment to let us know…


Rowans Go Nest Building

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Rowans asked last week to look at and learn more about nests. We looked again at the nest Mrs. Smith had found, and saw that it had mud and sticks on the outside, grass and straw inside and was lined with soft leaves.

We started our session with this story…click on the link to read it…The Best Nest Story

Out in the forest, we discovered an ENORMOUS nest! It had just been started…so we decided to work together to help to finish it. The children were fantastic! They worked brilliantly together, finding and placing sticks. Once the outside of the nest was built, they collected lots of leaves for the middle…and added some soft bedding and some wool.




Everyone chose a bird to add to their nest  IMG_0361

Some children chose to make a smaller nest. This one had an arched corridor leading to a living room!



Some children chose to make a bird feeder to take home.IMG_0366IMG_0368

…while others had fun in the mud kitchen!





Animal Habitats and Homes

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Acers and Rowans had a fun time learning about animal habitats and the names of their homes.P1080321P1080317

They followed a picture trail, matching up the animal pictures they found in the forest, to pictures of the animal homes.



They learnt that a squirrel lives in a drey, a fox lives in a den, a rabbit lives in a burrow, a worm lives in soil…and lots more!



We found and studied a nest and animal tracks and had fun digging for worms.


Can you look for animal homes near to where you live? 

Tell us what you found…