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Willows Dig and Paint!

Friday, 30 September 2016

There was lots of learning and fun to be had out at Forest School this week with Willows class. The children chose from different activities related to our story…they enjoyed exploring the digging pit to find hidden pictures of the Room On The Broom characters. Once found, they matched them to one of 3 baseboards. Not only did they discover the witch, dragon, frog, dog and cat…but a few worms too along the way!


Also on offer, was making magical forest paint. Willows children chose something to squash (blackberries and mud made great colours!) then mixed in some water, before choosing a story picture to paint.


(Sorry-more pictures hopefully coming soon. Having a few technical hitches with the rest of the photo’s!)

Willows find a little ‘Room on The Broom’

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Today Willows class were introduced to the story ‘Room on the Broom’. You can watch the story here…

Each of the children chose a  story character, and were set the challenge of hunting through the forest to find the matching hidden picture.


They were also challenged to find something interesting to bring back to the log circle…we were presented with a selection of treasures such as spiky leaves, a straight stick, another stick that looked like the letter ‘r’, a feather and an acorn.


In the mud kitchen, a delicious meal was cooked for the witch (gloopy mud cake), the dog (a stick pie), the cat (a mix of acorns and mud), the frog (stones and mud) and the bird (a mixture of everything)  p1140410


Later on, we all worked together to make a fabulous broomstick on the ground! Everyone helped to collect sticks and lay them together…and one of the children suggested adding seats, just like the ones on the witch’s ‘truly magnificent broom’.


Welcome back to Forest School!

Thursday, 15 September 2016

It’s lovely to be back in the woods this week, introducing two new classes to Langley Forest School….especially as we’ve had such beautiful weather to be outside in!

For the first sessions, we enjoyed exploring the site-and introducing all the different areas to those children who are new to Forest School. We looked at the Forest School Rules…and discussed how we could follow them.


We learnt how to respond to the safety call of ‘STICKY ELBOWS’ and enjoyed discovering, playing games, climbing, balancing, digging, bug hunting, swinging, cooking, stone sorting, working together with our friends…and hot chocolate and a snack around the log circle!




Willows make magic too!

Saturday, 2 July 2016

It’s a bit of a magical week at Langley Forest School!

Today, Willows remembered the part of the Superworm story where Wizard Lizard casts a spell. The spell makes Superworm find buried treasure. We decided to make spells too…to do exactly what, we really didn’t know! It was up to the children to decide…(although a little bit of magic sunshine would have been good!)

First we chose a special pot and looked for a magical stirring stick. Then we collected our potion ingredients and different coloured magical water from around the forest. There were lots of different things to choose from and everyone enjoyed investigating them, collecting their ingredients and thinking about what spell their potion would make.


Once the potions were ready, the children took turns to pour them into the cauldron. Magic words were suggested and repeated by everyone, then some very funny magic spells were cast…



The magical potion!

Fortunately for Mrs. Smith, there are no photos of the spells that that children cast! But there was much laughter and hilarity as each member of the class made some very silly funny spells…

Whizzy woo, make your legs dance

“Ibbity bibbity, make your hair shake all round”

“Abracadabra, your voice is gone”

“WHOooooo…you can’t stop jumping!”

Willows indoor day…

Thursday, 16 June 2016

­For the first time this year, rain stopped play! When Mrs Smith went out to set up in the morning, she found a river running along the paths! And enormous puddles, that looked lovely to jump in…but were unfortunately too big and deep to be safe around.

So Willows had an adventure inside instead.

We set up a den and looked at some lovely Forest School stories…


We selected a pebble to paint…and made them into beautiful bees and lovely ladybirds


And we worked together to create a wonderful worm! Everyone took turns to learn to use a hacksaw to cut a section of elder, which was hollow in the centre.


P1120807P1120805P1120800P1120795 - CopyP1120796P1120806


Once everyone had cut some wood, we gathered together to take turns to thread the pieces onto some string.


Willows worm was complete!

A busy morning…but we’re glad the puddles have now disappeared so we can get back outside next time.


Wizard Lizards Lair…

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Last time Willows were at Forest School, they started to notice and be interested in the dens that other children had created…so this week we decided to make our own.


We looked at Wizard Lizard’s Lair in our story, ‘Superworm’ and talked about how a lair is another name for a den. Then we set about making our own Wizard Lizard Lair!

First we learnt how to safely move big sticks and branches around the site.We learnt to find a space, to look where we were going and to drag the long stick with one end on the ground. Willows were very good at remembering these rules.


Then we worked in small groups to make some fabulous looking lairs! This one was made with long bamboo canes, which the children placed into scaffold blocks. Then they chose different material to wrap around it. Inside was a sleeping wizard…at the back was a window. Lots of fun was had both waking the wizard, and running away from him and serving tea and ice-cream through the window in the back!


This group made a lair, covered it with tarpaulin, then swept a path to lead inside. They even laid flooring to sit on!



Our last Lizard lair was just as good as the others! These children spent time choosing and moving their sticks…and enjoyed showing their friends and inviting them inside to try it out.


After all that work…as a special treat, drinks and biscuits were taken to the dens


And there was still time after this to play in the dens, to choose another forest activity, to explore and find things…and most importantly, to have fun!



Willows’ super string creations…and flower art

Thursday, 26 May 2016

In our story, Superworm is a super-hero who not only rescues and helps his friends, but also finds lots of ways of playing with them…

superwormsuperworm 2

Today, Willows class tried to recreate some of Superworm’s super ideas.

We made fishing rods and enjoyed catching pine cone fish…and using the rods to ‘fish’in the forest!P1120612P1120619P1120618P1120621

We used the rope to pull and to lift like a crane…just like Superworm did in the story…and enjoyed using the Superworm swing!


We also made some beautiful natural art using different coloured flowers, which we crushed between folded paper, to make one of Superworm’s friends-Butterfly.



Willows Work together

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

In the story ‘Superworm’, which we are using as a stimulus this term, all the creatures work together to defeat Wizard Lizard.

Today, Willows remembered the story, and worked together too…to create a large woolen web. We sang a song as we wrapped a ball of wool around us, before throwing it across the circle to a friend…until everyone was joined together!


Then everyone chose what they wanted to do…some worked hard on creating a pine cone creature…one little boy in particular was very proud of his work…and carried it around with him for most of the morning!P1120505P1120518IMG_0494IMG_0485

Elsewhere, children were discovering the wells made by yesterday’s group. They enjoyed playing with them, and two  very clever children were able to copy the design and make their own.


Also, the buckets and ropes  were put to good use…and a throwing game was developed and enjoyed.P1120492P1120494P1120496P1120497P1120498P1120515P1120516

Back in Hollies, this week’s Forest School Superstars received their well-deserved medals.



Willow’s muddy morning

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

It was another wet rainy day today…but it didn’t stop Willows class having a great time! We started off our morning thinking about the creatures in our ‘Superworm’ story…then were lucky enough to spot one of them on the way into the site. We looked closely at the snail and discussed how it managed to climb up the tree without falling off! Archie decided to make the snail he’d seen. And other children made a selection of other mini-beasts and animals.



As always with this class-the mud kitchen was busy!IMG_0439 IMG_0445IMG_0450

And there was some lovely investigation going on elsewhere…


‘What happens when I spin this wheel…?’


‘…and where will this leaf go if I balance it on top, then spin…?’


Willows’ Bug Cafe!

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Willows just LOVE using the mud kitchen! Today they selected a mini-beast to make a meal for…then chose from a range of ‘ingredients’.


Some of the dishes on the menu today included slug stew, ant pie and beetle cake


Meet the renamed Mr Mud! He was so busy stirring and mixing, that even his glasses got splashed in sloppy mud!


Willows children also enjoyed more bug hunting-catching lots of very big beetles today, ‘forest painting’ with coloured mud and using the mini-beast picture cards which they found buried in the digging pit last week…this time they took turns to bury them for their friends to find.


These children enjoyed climbing…hiding…and relaxing in the sunshine. What a great spot for sunbathing!