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Thursday, 13 June 2019

Oaks and Firs found pictures from and helped to tell the story of The Hungry Caterpillar as we were walking into the woods this week. They enjoyed taking turns to pick up each picture and naming the days of the weeks and the food the caterpillar ate.

The children are getting really good at using the hammer now! They took turns to hammer lots of different flowers onto a large piece of cloth, to make their own beautiful butterfly…

We were really proud of how well they concentrated, and of course of their end product…

We also used these stick caterpillars…who munched their way through lots of leaves!

The digging pit was as popular as ever, with soggy mud castles being made, worms being found and tiny little seeds being discovered and collected. And there were adventures aplenty as always!


Nature and dens…

Wednesday, 5 June 2019

We’ve had such a lovely busy day in Forest School today. We started off the morning in Butter-Bee gardens…we looked at, touched and smelt the wildflowers that have grown so much over the last couple off weeks. We fed the  birds, the hedgehog that visits us, and watered the plants. We also looked at the tadpoles this afternoon and noticed how much bigger they have become…we’re still waiting to see their legs develop though!

We also spotted more changes in the natural environment when we got out into the woods. We looked closely at the ferns that were growing really tall. We noticed that the leaves started off in a circle and slowly uncurled themselves. We then spotted a beautiful ladybird, which this lovely group of children enjoyed observing…

We also had a go at working together and building dens today…and had a great time playing in them!

And look at all theother fun things Oaks and Firs did today…making music, cooking, balancing, climbing, bug hunting…and waiting patiently for a  turn on the swing!



Loose parts play…

Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Today Oaks and Firs had a wonderful time creating, experimenting and problem solving with a range of ‘loose parts’.

It was left to them to decide what to do with the resources, and it was wonderful to see how engaged and excited the children were in their discoveries…

We also continued with our medal making that we started last week…

And look what else we did today…


Marvellous medals

Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Today, children in Oaks and Firs  enjoyed a lovely sunny day in Forest School…in huge contrast to the very wet day we had last week! We managed to fit lots of things into our sessions today, including…

Learning to use the hand drill…The children drilled a hole into a wood slice, then decorated it with lots of colours, before threading it with string to make a medal.  They all really enjoyed the new experience…and were very proud of their medals. We’ll continue with this next week so everyone who wants to have a go, gets the opportunity.

Looking for (and at) mini-beasts…

What fabulous interest and engagement…outdoor learning at it’s best!

We found an interesting creature today…which we didn’t recognise. A little bit of research and investigation led us to the conclusion that our mystery guest was a beetle lavae. He was great to watch!

Collecting and counting…On the way into the woods today, we found lots of catkins on the ground. We collected them and used them to count. Some children collected other things they found…and did some great counting using their fingers to help them!


…self selected activites-and lots of busy children.


Insey Wincy Spider….

Thursday, 9 May 2019

It was such a wet day in Forest school this week, that we decided to use the rainwater to our advantage and enjoy some water play!

We started our session with the rhyme ‘Insey-Winsey Spider’…then had a  marvellous time washing our plastic spiders down the drainpipes and catching them again at the bottom. Great fun was had by all!

We made some pine cone spiders too and thought that they would like to try out the water ride…

We also looked at some real spiders and spider pictures then used the bug-hunting equipment to see if we could find some more mini-beasts. We loved using the magnifying glasses…and  making a special Forest School spider out of a tyre and sticks!

The rainwater came in very useful too for our floating and sinking activity. We used lots of natural objects, and enjoyed experimenting and talking about what we could see happening. We also managed to make some little boats by balancing a tiny cone on top of some bark and an acorn on a wood slice!

And as always, nothing stops Oaks and Firs from exploring and having fun, not even non-stop rain!



Thursday, 11 April 2019

Hapa-zome is a Japanese word meaning ‘leaf dye’ and is given to the process of transferring the natural pigments from leaves and flowers onto fabric or paper to create an image.

Firs and Oaks really enjoyed using the hammer to create beautiful pictures made of flowers, leaves and grasses. They concentrated really well, looked carefully at what they were doing , were fascinated with the end results…and were excited to take them home to show their parents!

We also did a little bit of counting and sorting, used the ropes imaginatively, did some finding and collecting, climbed and explored, used the  hammocks, used creativity with natural resources (making a gate to enter/leave an area!) and helped our friends. All in all, a perfect Forest School day.

Forest Music…

Thursday, 4 April 2019

Before we headed out to the woods today, we stopped off in Butter-Bee gardens to check in on the tadpoles we discovered recently in the pond. It was very exciting to see them swimming!

Today we used natural resources to make forest school shakers. We had such fun making and playing with them

When we’d made our shakers, we hung them up…and listened to all the different sounds as we played with them.

What clever children we have! Today we saw a super climber, an adventurer, a collector and an artist.

This little man loved looking at the tadpoles…and he was really keen to see the ‘mummy frog’. Although we didn’t spot the frog…he made up for this by creating his own frog from soil, sticks stones and a leaf.


Thursday, 28 March 2019

Oaks and Firs had a great time this week, searching for bird pictures out in the woods

Once they had all been discovered, we found the matching pictures and then named the birds. One very clever girl read all the bird names for us!

We looked at a real bird nest and talked about what sort of bird had made it…then the children had a go at making their own nests. They chose from sticks, straw, shredded card, stuffing and wool…and we were very impressed at how good the nests looked!

Some children worked with an adult, some independently, some with a friend or two…

We also enjoyed playing with leaf showers, hunting for bugs, digging, discovering, climbing, balancing and playing with our friends…


Forest Faces

Wednesday, 20 March 2019

Today was all about happy faces! Look at the fantastic creations our youngest children made out in the woods…

We also had fun experimenting with rolling and catching balls, learning how to balance a long tube between two trees…

…and enjoyed a whole range of other Forest School activities on this lovely sunny day


A perfect day for flying a kite…

Thursday, 14 March 2019

What a windy week we’ve had! With wind speeds too high to risk going into the woods, we decided to make the most of the weather by making and flying kites.

We started off by selecting a plastic bag and tying string to the handles. Then we decorated it with ribbons…

We then went out onto the playground to fly our kites-to start with it was a bit tricky. We had to learn how to hold (and hold onto!) the kites. Once we’d mastered this, we started to move and then run with them.

We all enjoyed our windy morning and watching the children problem solve, make connections, engage with the real world and have such fun, was a pleasure for us all.