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Digging for numbers…

Wednesday, 16 January 2019

What a muddy fun-filled day for Oaks and Firs! In the digging pit today, we found lots of numbers buried in the soil. After lots of digging and searching (and discovering a few worms along the way), we matched, and named the  numbers and counted out different amounts of conkers and fir cones.

Welcome to a new term of Forest School

Wednesday, 9 January 2019

It has been good to be back outside this week, enjoying all that Forest School has to offer.

Acers class started their half-term of sessions by working together in teams to play some thinking games. They were given a secret word, which they had to describe not with words-but by using things they found on the forest floor. They did a great job!

They explored the site, allowing the new children to get to know and enjoy the different areas.

Oaks and Firs started their sessions off with a nature trail. They looked for pictures of animals and plants hidden in the woods on the way to the log circle. Some children chose to go back later during the session to find them again and to match them up to a base board of pictures. (click to enlarge the pictures)

We did some counting and matching as we played in the mud kitchen, explored scientifically with pulleys and weights, tested our balance and confidence by climbing into the new hammocks and had a  wonderful time playing in our fabulous newly donated house! (thank you so much to Grace’s mummy and daddy) It’s proving to be very popular…and we discovered that with a bit of a squeeze we can all fit inside together…which may prove handy for those unexpected downpours!



Mark Making, (Forest School Style!)

Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Oaks and Firs had a busy time today, finding lots of ways to make marks, draw, colour, paint and write, whilst out in the woods. Activities on offer including painting with natural brushes made using a range of different leaves, colouring and writing with squashed blackberries, and making/using mud paint.

Painting with natural brushes

Mark making with berries

Mud making and painting

…and lots of fun!


Decorations galore…

Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Today we had a day indoors, making special Christmas decorations and decorating our Forest School Christmas Tree. Look at what we made…

When we’d finished , we took turns to decorate our tree with lots of different Forest School made decorations. We thought it looked lovely when it was done!

Early years welly walk

Thursday, 29 November 2018

It was a bit too windy this week to safely be out in the woods, so we went for a wonderful wet welly walk around the school grounds instead! And what fun we all had…look at what we got up to… (click the photos to enlarge)



A barrel of laughs…!

Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Another chilly day today, but (with a few extra layers on) it didn’t stop us having a marvellous time in Forest School. Oaks children found a great way to keep warm…they pulled a big barrel onto the path and worked together to roll it from one end of our site to the other. They problem solved along the way, working out how to move it when it got stuck, finding lots of different uses for it like laying over it and rolling from one side to the other and standing it upright and using it to make (very loud!) music. And in true Forest School style, we saw great team work too-and lots of helping and supporting one another.

Also this morning…Oaks were busy with ropes, raking, trying out new ways of using the swing, climbing, playing with wood discs, building towers…and a spot of Bollywood dancing and music making in the mud kitchen!

This afternoon, Firs had lots of Autumn fun climbing the leaf hill! They sat, lay and rolled in the leaves and really enjoyed throwing them up into the air.

The children kept active on the ropes, balancing on logs and along the digging pit, climbing, using the balance beams and making cup of forest tea in the mud kitchen!

Lovely leaves and lots of laughter

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

There was so much going on in Forest School today!

Autumn leaf threading…making and painting with mud, hide and seek, sorting and counting with natural objects, finding and careful handling of worms, woodlice and milipedes, weighing, digging, climbing…and as always- lots of investiagtion and exploration and appreciation of our lovely site.

What’s in here? Look a spider web…and woodlice! “look Miss…come see!”

Mini-beasts and puddles!!

Wednesday, 7 November 2018

What an exciting time Oaks and Firs had in Forest School today! We really enjoyed exploring lots of different mini-beasts. We used magnifying glasses and magnifying pots, to look closely at them and to see how they moved. We matched the pictures to the different creatures, learning to repeat the names of each one.

Elsewhere in the woods…quiet contemplation, and an unusual visitor!

During our morning session, it started to rain…and rain! And in true Forest School style, it didn’t stop us having fun…in fact it made it more fun! Oaks loved walking through and splashing in the puddles…

 Two of our children were determined to experience the rain in their own way! Not all of us shared their enthusiasm…but this pair LOVED standing under the dripping tarp, and laughed continually as they played!

Firs had a drier afternoon…and as well as the mini-beast exploration, also enjoyed lots of different activities.

A spiky friend for Firs and Oaks

Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Our youngest children concentrated really hard today, when using a hammer to tap sticks into a pumpkin, in order to make a fabulous forest hedgehog! They were very proud of their efforts…as were we.

Lots of other things were going on today, including litter picking, investigating twigs and leaves, climbing, balancing and bouncing…

And we enjoyed playing with our wood numbers-using them in counting and matching with natural objects from the  forest floor.

Autumn collections

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

There are so many beautiful colours, shapes and sizes of leaves falling onto our forest floor this week. Today Oaks and Firs could choose to make a special collecting sheet by finding their favourite leaves and ‘forest finds’, and sticking them onto their card. We also found acorns, berries, feathers, sticks and bark.

Today turned out to be a bit of a climbing day, with children finding new places to experiment with, as well as familiar ones…

We also saw some co-operative den building -a first for these boys. And some wonderful investigation of a large log  whilst another group of children were playing in a different den. They were completely fascinated with the bark and how it looked and felt when pulled apart.

We saw developing independence, curiosity, engagement, organisation, developing relationships and imagination in shared play, as well as hearing some lovely speech. A perfect day for staff and children alike. We all had a super time.