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Oaks and Firs

Saturday, 24 June 2017

It was another wonderful morning of discovery for children in group 2 of Oaks and Firs this week. We found some guttering and used it to pour water down…the children were fascinated and played until we had used up all the water we had!

Then this ingenious bunch thought of their own ideas! They rolled pine cones down the guttering and noticed how some rolled better than others. They observed, pointed out, were interested in and then shared their discovers with the adults and with their peers. We saw lots of very natural turn taking and sharing going on.

Some children didn’t stop there! Even more investigation took place…they searched around the site to see if they could find something else to place at the top of the guttering. And tried to out-do one another with finding the biggest stone possible!

This look of excitement and pleasure was a real sight to see!

And of course, lots of other adventures were happening all across our Forest School site…

Including a little digging, pouring, mixing…then decorating the area with mud paint!

Well done group 2…we all loved our morning watching you learning and experimenting. Roll on next time…

Foundation Footprints…

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Group 1 from Foundation had fabulous footprint fun this week! They started off the morning by searching through the forest, looking for hidden footprints. Once they had all been found, the children matched them, to discover if the footprints belonged to a fox, an owl or a mouse. Luckily, we found no Gruffalo footprints!

We then decided to make our very own footprints…so set about making a huge, sloppy, muddy mixture.

When the children decided the mud was ready, they took it in turns to make their muddy footprints. It was very exciting!

Ready, get set….GO!

As always, the children were very happy to choose their own activities, and today we saw a brilliant mud-face…

Some great climbing, spinning and balancing…

And some lovely, very carefully produced art work, using squashed leaves to make green and charcoal sticks to make black…look how great these look.


The wonderful outdoors…

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Foundation children just loved exploring this week…we sensed a real feeling of awe and wonder in their discoveries and in the way they were so relaxed and at ease in the forest environment.

How do I get this to move?…Aha, stepping back and pulling seems to work!

And what about these…how do they move along the rope?

…I’m just loving the sensation of feeling the soil

And enjoying just being where we are…

Sharing experiences with our friends…what is it? What does it look like? How it is moving? How does it feel? Do you like it?

What have you found? What are you making?

And look at me!! Look how clever I am…look at what I can do.


Gruffalo Bottles

Saturday, 27 May 2017

Well done to Mrs. Edwards, Mrs. Tsiappourdhi, Mrs. Singh…and all the children from Oaks and Firs Group 1! It looks like they had a great morning in Forest School whilst I had to attend some training. The Gruffalo sensory bottles were clearly a big success…

The children started off by looking at some of the Gruffalo characters-then decided which one they wanted to represent in their sensory bottle. They collected things from the forest floor and from a box of ‘natural resources’…tiny things for the mouse, feathers for the owl, brown things for the fox, and all sorts of spikey, warty, furry things for the Gruffalo! The bottle was filled with water…and all the contents explored as they swirled around.

As always, there was lots of choice and free play and the opportunity to discover, talk and explore together…

Rain, rain, mud and rain!

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

What a WET muddy day today! But that didn’t stop Group 2 from Oaks and Firs from having a marvellous morning in Forest School.

It’s often the simplest things that are the most fun…and today was perfect weather for problem solving, investigating and discovering how to collect water! As we sat under the log circle shelter, we noticed that water was dripping off the tarpaulin… so we felt it, watched it, listened to it…and decided to try to catch it!

We also made some Forest Sensory Bottles, by adding water, glitter and things that we found (like leaves, feathers, sticks and blossom) into a bottle. We could shake it and watch everything floating around.

We also enjoyed using the soggy mud to splash and paint with…

…and found lots more to do despite the bad weather!

There were lots of smiles to be seen today…and lots of muddy suits to clean! We loved our rainy morning…but would like a bit of sunshine next week please!

Gruffalo mud painting with Foundation Group 1

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Group 1 from Oaks and Firs started off their morning in Forest School, with the Gruffalo story…then they went on a little adventure! In small groups, they hunted round the site to find 4 different Gruffalo colours…orange for his eyes, white for his teeth and claws, purple for his prickles and black for his long black tongue. Each colour was wrapped around a stick…

Everyone loves the digging pit…and soon after we were all finding treasures, worms, feathers and stones. We decided to try mixing some soil with a little water, to make mud…then after a lot of investigating and mixing and looking and talking about what the mud looked and felt like, we chose a Gruffalo character picture to paint. 

And with paint left, we decided to paint lots more things!

We also had a surprise visitor in the digging pit today-the first ladybird of the season! Everyone enjoyed looking at her as she sat inside a shovel and said hello to all the children in turn!

And of course, a morning in the forest isn’t complete without a go on the swing…or a chance to climb a tree!

Foundation Stage Group 2 -explore and investigate…

Thursday, 4 May 2017

On Wednesday morning Group 2 from Oaks and Firs had their first Forest School session. Take a look at how much they enjoyed exploring, touching, investigating, moving, listening, playing, looking at…and having fun!

(Please click on the photo’s to enlarge them)

A wonderful morning was had by all…finished off with a lovely birthday mud cake and a very special Forest School birthday candle!

Forest Fun for Foundation Group 1

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

(Please click the photos to enlarge them)

Group 1 from Oaks and Firs had a lovely introduction to Forest School this morning.

They wrapped up warm as it was a cold day, and set off to explore each area of our site. First stop was the balancing tree…everyone had a go at walking across the long tree trunk. It was a little wobbly in places, but everyone managed to balance-some with a helping hand and some on their own.

Next we explored the weaving frame, the swing and the climbing tree…then chose which one to play on.

Then we walked further on, to find the rope bridge, the balance scales and the digging pit…we had a great time digging together and finding creatures. We also discovered that the mud kitchen is lots of fun!

After a drink and snack, we looked at where our Forest School area finished and where we must stop. Then enjoyed trying out the obstacle course.

Well done Oaks and Firs for being so enthusiastic, polite and happy…we all had a lovely morning introducing you to Langley Forest School.

Oaks and Firs Stone Caterpillar

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

What a lovely last session with Group 1, making this fabulous stone caterpillar…


As we walked through the forest, all the children looked around for and  selected their own special stone.

In their previous session, the children had enjoyed learning to use the hammer, so we decided to use it again! The children all selected a piece of coloured chalk, then carefully hammered it until it broke up into tiny pieces…


Then we mixed in a little bit of water, to make our own special paint.


The painted stones looked great! Especially when we put our stone caterpillar together with the butterfly we had also made.


Also in the forest this week…we swung and climbed and balanced and chose lots of other fun things to do.


Happy holidays Oaks and Firs-enjoy being outside and have lots of outdoor adventures


Making sweet forest music…

Monday, 4 July 2016

Group 2 from Oaks and Firs had a fabulous morning making music, singing songs and making their own forest-style shakers!

We used tyres, pots, sticks, planks of wood, saucepans and an old oil drum, to create musical instruments. It was very loud…and really quite tuneful! P1130283P1130285P1130284P1130291P1130292P1130288


Phew! All this singing and playing is exhausting!

After several songs and turns on each of the different ‘instruments’, the children chose a pot to make a special forest shaker. They added natural resources such as sticks, stones and leaves to their pots and really enjoyed shaking them to another song.




It was really lovely in this group’s last session, to see some of our youngest children working so independently on their task. As we observe them week by week, we are all noticing what a big difference the Langley forest magic is making to so many areas of the children’s development.