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Signs of Spring

Friday, 23 February 2018

With the children on half term holiday, this week was a great opportunity to spend a lovely sunny morning  tidying up in Butter-Bee garden.

Piles of leaves were raked and composted, plants were clipped, overhanging branches were lopped and repairs were made.

It was great to see, in our ‘wildflower meadow’, lots of new shoots and flowers  beginning to emerge. And a ladybird too who’s been hibernating under the leaves amongst the plants. She was safely covered over again so she can sleep some more!

The willow tunnel had a good tidy up too…and once again, it was clear to see that Spring is around the corner. It won’t be long till these buds start to grow into lots and lots of leaves  🌱🌿🌞🌼🌺


Merry Forest School Christmas!

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Wishing a Merry Christmas to all our children, staff, parents and governors, from Langley Forest School.

We hope that you all have a wonderful holiday…but before we go, here’s a few of the things we’ve made this year in the build up to Christmas. Enjoy!

Celebration Day…dragons and noodles!

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Today was multicultural celebration day across the school. Every class rotated around school and got involved in preparing and tasting foods from around the world, and in creating crafts related to each country.

Whilst others focussed on Italian, French, Indian and Greek foods, in Forest School we talked about Chinese food.

Cooking Chinese noodles was great fun! We learnt how to use the fire striker to create a spark to light the fire. Then we used the Kelly Kettle to heat water, by making a fire in the special bowl, and placing the kettle on top. We took turns to carefully add sticks to the fire.

Once the water had boiled, Mrs. Smith poured it onto the noodles…they were delicious! Some of us tried eating them with chopsticks.

We also worked together to make this amazing Chinese Dragon, using different coloured leaves. We were very proud of how fantastic he looked!


Butter-Bee Gardens Open Days

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Two sunshiny open days later…and every class across the school has now visited and discovered all that Langley’s newly constructed ‘Butter-Bee Gardens’ has to offer.

All of the plants in our new garden were chosen to attract butterflies, bees and other insects. A frog has already made a home in the new pond and we also have a wildflower meadow, a mini-beast area, a sensory path, a selection of herbs to pick and use in our cookery lessons and a willow tunnel, which will soon be providing us with lovely flexible sticks for us to use to make Forest crafts.

Take a look at how much we using Butter-Bee Gardens this week as we looked at, smelt, enjoyed and touched the plants…

The Willow Tunnel was lovely and shady…and perfect for smiley faces!

The wildflower meadow was buzzing with bees, busy collecting the pollen from all the beautiful flowers…

…and the sensory path leading around it was fun to explore too!

We discovered lots of residents in Mini-beast Mansions…

And loved pond dipping and looking at all the different pond-creatures we caught.

We all had the opportunity to identify, look at and taste some of the herbs in the garden. The mint has grown incredibly…so we all picked a leaf and used it to make a mint and yogurt dip. It was delicious!

Lastly, we had a go at a spot of bird-watching in the bird -hide. With so many children in and out of the garden, it was a little noisy, so we didn’t have much luck spotting many birds! However, there were lots of bird pictures hanging up for everyone to find, and match up to the pictures inside the bird hide.


All the children are looking forward to using Butter-Bee gardens next year.

Have a lovely summer…that’s all from Forest School for this year!


Introducing our Bird Feeding Area and Bird-Hide!

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Our Langley and Coppice Forest Rangers meet up and enjoy working and playing together every Tuesday lunchtime. Over the last few weeks, they have helped to create these two lovely bird feeding areas, topping up the feeders and making new ones each week. The new bird hide is looking great and we’ve spotted some birds looking very interested in visiting us!

This has been a great way for our two schools to learn together. The children have worked brilliantly as a team, have enjoyed learning new names, making new friends and have been a real credit to both Langley and Coppice Schools. This is how they did it…


Today, we took part in the Big Schools Birdwatch with Lucy from the RSPB…

Firstly, we learnt how to identify different birds (Lucy was very impressed at how knowledgeable the children already were…they could already name several different species) Then we took our binoculars and ID charts and went bird spotting in different locations around the school grounds. We spotted crows, wood pigeons, robins, a nuthatch, blackbirds, herring-gulls, magpies and great tits and at the end of the afternoon we submitted our results online.

Sutton Park Tree Felling!

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Last week Cedars finished their time at Forest School, by helping to collect some new resources for the coming term. They were a fantastic help to Mrs. Smith and Danny the Park Ranger, assisting in selecting, cutting down and chopping up two silver birch trees, ready  for the new classes to use to make forest crafts.

First, they found a tree that was the perfect size, then checked to see which direction it was leaning in. We all stood back at a safe distance, while Danny firstly cut a wedge from the front of the tree and then cut the back to make it fall. We all shouted “TIMBER!”


Then we all had to work together to carry the heavy tree to the path, before trimming and cutting it into logs. Lastly, we loaded the logs into Danny’s land rover, ready to take to our minibus and back to school!

p1150405p1150406p1150407p1150408 p1150409p1150410p1150411p1150412p1150413p1150416p1150417p1150418p1150419p1150423

Well done Cedars. Thank-you for your help.

Merry Forest School Christmas

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Wishing you all a lovely Christmas and a very Happy New Year.

imageimage imageimage

No Obstacle for Halifax Bank! (Or Willows class)

Thursday, 20 October 2016

We were very happy this week, to welcome back the team from Halifax Bank, who first came last year to offer a days help in setting up our Forest School site. This time, they helped to put together our exciting new Forest Obstacle Course!

Look at what they helped us to achieve…



The Team!

The next day, Willows class were very excited to be the first class to use the course…

Firstly, they balanced along the beams…then chose between stepping over/in the tyres or choosing the other direction and stepping over the ropes then crawling under the scramble net.


Next they went up and over the climbing frame…this was difficult. But with real determination, they made it!p1140782p1140778p1140790

Then it was on to the stepping stumps, through the enormous tractor tyre and a big climb up onto the ‘I DID IT’ winners podium! As soon as they had completed the course, they went back and did it again and again. A great time was had by all…thank-you from us all to the fabulous Halifax team!



Wildflowers and new signs…

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

A busy lunchtime today at Langley Forest School today! First a willing group of workers helped to plant some wildflower seeds near to our entrance gates.  These were kindly donated by a member of St James church, Mere Green, who have been involved in a project called Grow Wild sponsored by Kew Gardens.

The children worked hard to plant these seeds…we are looking forward to seeing them grow!


After this, some new signs were put up…ready to be discovered in the morning!


Yet another Thank-you

Monday, 18 April 2016

How lucky are we?!

Today, Mrs. Smith proudly hung  our Forest School rules on the wall in Hollies, the Forest School classroom. These fabulous wooden discs were painted by Geraldine- an artist and friend of Mrs. Mahoney, who is one of our teaching assistants.

Thank-you to them both. We love and will cherish these for many years to come.