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Hide and seek…a snake and a collection for a mouse!

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Beeches  had a fabulous morning- playing games, learning new skills, being very creative and best of all, using and thinking of their own ideas.

We started off (as requested by several children last week!) with a game of hide and seek. Except that our game was special…as we made it into Gruffalo hide and seek!

We divided into two groups, one group hid their eyes whilst the other group found a good place to hide. Then, the seekers called out “1,2,3 where are you?”…and the hiders answered with a previously agreed animal sound! We heard growls, barks, squeaks, hoots and hisses all around the forest! Great fun was had…and it taught us to listen carefully.

Then we talked about the animals in our story and set three challenges to choose from. For the first challenge, we discussed the snake and although we don’t have snakes in or near our site, we looked at pictures of snakes that can be found in some areas of our country. The children were challenged to work together to make a pebble snake, so they set off to find a smooth pebble, then learnt how to safely hold and use a hammer to crush chalk, make their own paint and then paint it onto their pebble.

Look at our super snake!  

The second challenge concerned the little mouse, who tricked the Gruffalo. We talked about how small the mouse was…and decided to collect 6 different ‘Tiny Treasures’ for the mouse, from around the site. The children worked brilliantly on this! They really thought about what to collect, made sure that each ‘treasure’ fit in the tiny space they had and were able to talk with interest about what they had collected.

Lastly, three very clever children took on the challenge of making their own land art. After being introduced to it only last week, they were able to create their own pictures…and were rightly VERY proud of their efforts. Look at the impressive owl, the Gruffalo face with lots of sharp teeth and the beginnings of another Gruffalo…to be completed next time!



Beeches arty morning

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Beeches had a fantastic morning in Forest School…what a hard working class they are!

We started off with a fun team activity-making mandala art using the things we found around our site. We started with the small white stone Gruffalo ‘teeth’ we found last week…we placed them in the centre and then added a circle at a time of natural resources…each time going to find something that looked like, or reminded us of a part of the Gruffalo. Lots of thinking took place and lots of lovely language…we had bumpy stones for the Gruffalo’s knobbly knees, spikey holly leaves for the prickles on his back,  toe shaped sticks and lots of orange or rounded things for his eyes.

Next we chose what we wanted to do…some children worked in small groups to make a big Gruffalo picture on the ground. Again, lots of thought was put into choosing things to represent the Gruffalo…one group managed to find a stick with some harmless jelly-ear fungus growing on it…and thought it would make a great Gruffalo ear!

Elsewhere, the little white stone teeth we found last time, were being put to good use in another activity. These children used clay, stones, leaves and sticks to make a Gruffalo face that they can keep!



Welcome to Forest School Beeches…

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

(Please click the photos to enlarge them)

Beeches class began their term of Forest School on Tuesday…and what a great morning we had!

Firstly, we looked at our Forest School Rules and discussed them.

Then we set off to explore the site, playing in different areas and talking about how to be safe whilst doing so. The children enjoyed using the digging pit, mud kitchen, obstacle course, ropes, swing and some of the children tried out our new balancing tree.

Then it was story time…Beeches listened carefully to the story of ‘The Gruffalo’. You can listen to the story here.

Mrs. Smith told us that she’d heard lots of strange animal sounds in the forest…and that she wondered if the purple things she’d spotted this morning, were in fact Gruffalo prickles! We were very excited about going on a Gruffalo prickle hunt! Everyone looked high and low until we had all got 2 purple (wool!) prickles each.

Then we chose a friend to work with. We twisted our 2 prickles together and tied them, to make  a special purple ‘Gruffalo-Gang’ Band!

After hot chocolate and a biscuit, there were lots more interesting things to discover! Rachel was really excited to have found two Gruffalo teeth in the digging pit! She showed her friends and soon there were lots of people hunting for more teeth…

Elsewhere, there were lots of meals being created in the mud kitchen…cookies for the mouse, snake stew and Gruffalo crumble!

What a lovely first session. And Beeches have come up with some great ideas for next week using the Gruffalo teeth they found. Watch this space!