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Merry Christmas from Forest School

Wednesday, 11 December 2019

As the end of the term nears and we’re all busy with Christmas productions, parties and church services, we have found a little time to make sure we celebrate the season- Forest School style!

Our handmade Christmas Tree is up in Hollies, and we’ve been busy making some lovely decorations, an indoor tree and these fabulous Rudolf pine cones…

Beeches helped to make a tree trunk using sticks and branches using christmas tree trimmings. They decorated their  tree with pipe cleaner tinsel, cones and a few decorations. They were really pleased with the end result…

Firs loved making these reindeer…we think they look super!

A rainy day for Firs and Rowans

Monday, 25 November 2019

Dressed in waterproofs and rain hats, Firs didn’t let the rain get in the way of exploring, learning and having lots  of fun this morning…and Rowans did just the same this afternoon!

Today we investigated using lavender and plant cuttings to paint with. Firs mixed up a tray of mud and used the cuttings as paint brushes. The worked really well…and smelt lovely too!

Firs were feeling very adventurous today…and are really starting to work and play together, sharing turns and enjoying their time outside with their friends

Children in Rowans enjoyed looking for hidden creatures today…they upturned logs and carefully pulled back some bark to discover some slugs, snail eggs and a friendly spider who walked up and down Mrs. Smith’s arm before disappearing under the table!

They also had a go at lavender painting…

…and explored lots of different areas

Fabulous Firs!

Wednesday, 13 November 2019

What a beautiful crisp Autumnal morning we had out in the woods today. Firs were fabulous! They concentrated well, using and developing their fine motor skills to thread cherrios onto pipe cleaners, in order to make feeders for the birds…

Once made, they were hung up ready to be eaten. One of the children decided that the birds needed a little encouragement to come down and eat the cheerios!

We also sorted, counted and played with conkers, acorns, pine cones and wood slices, and used lots of different areas within our site…

The children used lots of gross motor skills to climb, balance, swing, dig and explore…

Wednesday, 23 October 2019

Conkers proved to be very popular today, due to our exciting conker run! Both Firs and Willows enjoyed rolling them down the long tubes and listening out for the sound as the conkers rolled into the crates at the end.

Firs class loved painting with mud last time they were out in Forest School, so we re-visited this today…with the added  twist of using their hand prints to give their spider pictures some legs…

Many of the children in Firs are very new to school (and Forest School) but they have settled brilliantly and although it’s only their 3rd session, they’re now showing us how much more adventurous, curious and confident they can be!

Willows started off their afternoon watching a beautiful white -bottomed bumble bee, who looked as if she was a little weary. She sat on this stick flapping her wings, but didn’t have the energy to fly away. Some of  the  children were fascinated in watching her.

Everyone was fully immersed in their chosen activities. From collecting natural resources, to cooking in the mud kitchen, using tools, swinging, and looking closely at plants, all of the children were focused, engaged and happily communicating with the adults and one another…

And what a lovely end to their half term of lessons…the fairy village had a beautiful and very careful make-over today! Just look at how great it looks after it had been worked on by our very clever little girl and some of her friends…

A mud-making, special swinging, boat building day!

Sunday, 13 October 2019

What a brilliant time we had this week in Forest School! Firs class had a fantastic morning enjoying all sorts of fun things including trying out the pulley system, mixing and painting with mud, investigating acorns, climbing and trying out our new sideways swinging skateboard…

The children from Willows class had just as much fun in the afternoon. They started off by preparing the sail they had made last week. We threaded some string along the edge, attached it to the ‘pirate ship’ and ‘shiver me timbers’-our ship was ready to sail! Many adventures were had…the seas were rough, sharks attacked and some of the class had to walk the plank! What great imagination and super language…

In a quiet corner of our site, there was a different kind of magic going on… the discovery of some little fairy houses. After knocking on the door, having a chat and asking the fairies some lovely questions, this clever girl discovered some skeleton leaves, which we were sure were fairy wings! Maybe next week the fairies will be back?

The afternoon was full of exploratory investigation and learning. Willows really love their Wednesday afternoons.



First time fun for Firs and Willows

Thursday, 26 September 2019

Two new classes enjoyed the start of their Forest School sessions this week. From our youngest, newest children, to those who’ve been with us for years, everyone enjoyed exploring, investigating, discovering and learning…

Trying out the new stage… telling us the ‘Forest News’-complete with stick microphone!

Learning about capacity, counting, ordering size, investigating materials, learning about nature and wildlife…the digging pit was a hive of activity!

Using physical skills, trying out skills for the first time, perfecting balance and climbing…

Focusing attention and finding out…sharing and communicating with others…measuring, dividing, weighing…counting and matching.

Absolute joy and lots of laughter in the hammock!!

Discovering and looking closely at nature…we found fungi and this amazing earwig shedding it’s skin!