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A busy morning hammering and threading…

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Willows and Acers learnt how to safely use a hammer this week, to transfer the colour and pattern from a fern plant onto a piece of cotton material. They learnt the different parts of the hammer and how to hold and use it properly, wearing a glove on their helper hand and staying at  a ‘2 arms and a tool length’ distance from anyone else.  We’ll be using the transfers to make two things in the coming weeks!

We also helped the birds that visit our school this week. We made bird feeders, by threading cereal hoops onto wire or pipe cleaners. This was a very popular activity and the children have asked to make some more next week. Maybe we’ll find a different sort to make next time…

We hung them up on our feeding station, and Willows were lucky enough to spot a friendly robin hopping from branch to branch, waiting for us  to move out the way so that he could start eating his  treat!

And lastly…well done Acers-you were brilliant at raking up the leaves and clearing the paths today! Really excellent work, great turn taking and co-operation.

A home for leaf man and friends

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Look what the children discovered tucked into a tree stump as they walked  through the woods this week…

We have some very thoughtful and helpful children here at Langley School…and they were keen to help Leaf Man and his Stick friends. They quickly set about finding a spot to build a house and started to collect together what they needed. It was great to see them figuring out how to make the sticks balance and stay in the ground, and working together in collaboration with their friends.

Here they are, hard at work…




Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf, Green and Brown…

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

This week, both classes played a game called ‘I am the Wind’. The children pretended to be leaves, listening carefully to ‘the wind’, and running around the outside of the circle whenever it blew them (…I am the wind, I blow the leaves, Now I’m blowing leaves who are wearing red/have glasses/with black hair etc)

Activities on offer today included leaf threading. The children chose a pattern using colour, shape or size, and threaded the leaves together…

Leaf pictures were enjoyed by everyone…especially as we made our own mud paint!

And as always, there was opportunity for the children to choose and to be creative. One group of children worked together using up their leftover mud paint to make a lighthouse! Conkers, acorns and pine cones were used to make patterns and pictures and for filling and emptying, and different areas of the site were explored and enjoyed.


Leaf scavenger hunt

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Willows and Acers have had a brilliant week in Forest School…they’ve all settled into the routines and have ALL worked hard, had some super ideas, behaved really well and tried their best. Well done to them all!

We started off with a scavenger hunt, looking for leaves or other ‘forest finds’, using a range of properties. We found lots of interesting things…and shared our finds with one another.

We also set up an investigation station, with drainpipes, tubes, logs…and anything else we could find! The children found ways of making the acorns, conkers and pine cones move. It was great fun, and we saw lots of creativity.

And as well as all the usual forest activities on offer to choose from, this week, we worked together using some of the leaves we’d collected, to make an Autumn leaf bowl…photo’s of the finished bowl will be posted next week when it’s dry!



Leaf Man

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

This week, Willows and Acers were introduced to a perfect Autumnal story…Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert. You can share the story at home by clicking on the link below…

The children listened to the story and then followed a trail through the forest, looking for the leaf pictures they had seen in the book.

There were pictures on 2 oak trees, 2 on some holly, 2 on hazel trees and 2 more on some elder trees. We looked carefully at each of the four types of tree, named them and took a leaf from each one. Then we matched the oak, holly, hazel or elder leaf to a leaf picture board. We were very good at finding the correct leaf shape!

Acers also found something really interesting on an elder leaf…a snail trying to have a sleep!

And look what we found…our very own leaf man in Langley Forest School!

We decided to make our own leaf picture using things  we found on the ground…look how creative both Willows and Acers were…

Maybe you could look for leaves at home, and see if they are the same or different to the ones that we found at school…


Leaf detectives

Thursday, 14 September 2017

This week, Acers class became ace leaf detectives! We started our morning by looking closely at one of the biggest types of tree on our site-the mighty Oak. We named and described it and all enjoyed finding Oak leaves and acorns on our way to the log circle. 

We looked at the big pile of acorns and leaves we’d collected and chose what we’d like to do next…

Some children decided to look for and collect different shaped leaves…they looked really closely and carefully before choosing which ones to thread onto their leaf kebabs…

Then they matched their leaves to the ID sheets or pictures and worked out what tree each leaf belonged to.

Some children decided to do some very creative cooking-we enjoyed a selection of delicious dishes! With lots of discussion and co-operation along the way.

A lovely first morning for Acers class, with lots of fun, new challenges and smiles aplenty!

(Please click to enlarge photos)

Two thank-you’s…for our tippy tap and our visit to Sutton Park!

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Our first thank-you in the Summer Term, goes to Mr. Mundye and Isabella, and to Zach too, for going into school with Mrs. Smith over the Easter break to construct our exciting new tippy-tap! It has proved to be very popular in our first week back…the children are really enjoying standing on the lever to tip the bottle, and using the warm water inside to wash their hands before snack time.


The second thank-you is for Daniel, a park ranger at Sutton Park, who gave us a lovely morning out! He explained about different trees, and helped the children to identify a silver birch. We walked to some heath land, collecting pine cones and discovering new baby trees and some pony poo on the way!


Then Daniel helped us to find a good sized tree to cut down.


We watched him cut down the tree…it was exciting when it started to lean and fall! Then we looked at the stump and counted the rings. We think it was 23 years old.


Everyone worked together to carry the heavy tree up the hill to the path, then we all took turns sawing the tree into logs.


Lastly, we carried our logs back to the minibus and took them back to school. We will use them to make wood cookies during the term.


Egg hunts and our first FIRE!

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

It was Acers last session out in the forest today, and as one of the children said…”It’s going to be emotional!”

We started off with a hunt through the forest, collecting Easter stampers…once the children had found all 10 stamps, they were given a spade!


…to dig up a hidden pot…which had an egg inside!


The egg was carefully pulled apart…and inside were yummy chocolate eggs.

These big blue eggs needed a special spray. When they came apart, we found more mini chocolate eggs inside, which were shared around the group.


Then it was time to light our first fire. We all had a go at using the flint and steel to make a spark.

P1090476P1090474 And learnt that first we add very thin, easily lit tinder, then kindling, then thicker sticks as the fire gets going. Everyone took a turn to help add some sticks.


Next we took turns to toast a marshmallow. When it was cooked, we squashed it between 2 biscuits…yum yum!

P1090511P1090508P1090505P1090516 Lastly, because we have SO many Forest School Superstars, everyone was awarded a special hand-made medal, with their name on.

P1090518 P1090539 P1090537 - Copy P1090532 P1090529 P1090524

What a lovely end to our term at Forest School.   Acers…we would love you and your parents to tell us what you have enjoyed doing this term. Please leave a comment and let us know. Thank-you


Blindfolds and lots of activities…

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

After last weeks web activities, we remembered a special fact-that spiders don’t have good eyesight. We decided to be spiders…so we used a blindfold to cover our eyes and tried to do what spiders do…feel when an insect has landed on their web, by feeling the vibrations they make.

First we played a game, the ‘flies’ tried to creep their hands along the rope, without the ‘spider’ noticing. We got better and better at this, until we managed to make the spider jump!


Then it got harder! We took turns to lead our spider friends along the long rope, sometimes alongside, sometimes inside it. We had to tell them when to stop, and needed to look after them on the way.



This clever spider managed to find his way through our huge string web, just by listening to and following instructions

Also today… we all decorated the wood cookies we had previously cut, ready to take home to our parents and carers.


Plus, more stick and wool webs, spider soup in the mud kitchen (no real spiders were harmed!) and an adventure, with a brave bit of climbing thrown in for good measure!





Spider web fun and facts

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Last week, one of Acers children built a fabulous string spider web…which led onto questions from some children about spiders.

So-this week we learnt lots about spiders…but as always in Forest School, we learnt in a fun and challenging way!


Mrs. Smith had hidden lots of cards around the forest, with interesting things about spiders on them. First we found one each, read them and kept them safe in our pockets.


Then we found  these  Spider facts  hanging on the string web.


Mrs. Smith challenged us to take turns to be spiders-to fetch a fact from the web…then to find which one of our friends had the matching fact! Sometimes we had to crawl under the web, sometimes we had to step over…or pop an arm, a leg or our head up through the web! We needed to concentrate, follow instructions and balance carefully! It was great fun!

P1090090P1090092P1090094P1090095P1090097P1090099 P1090102P1090101

After hot chocolate and a biscuit, we chose what we’d like to do…

Some children looked for a forked stick to make their own spider web!


While others enjoyed more mud painting…this week trying to paint within the lines of a picture, or adding string to the big web or playing on the seesaw!


At the end of the session, we remembered lots and lots of things we had learnt!