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Cedars- Busy with blackberries!

Last week Cedars foraged like Vikings! They picked and ate blackberries…and as we had some left over, we decided to see what else we could use them for.

Cedars learnt that Vikings used natural dyes to colour the clothes they made…so were set the challenge of finding a way to make their own dye using the blackberries (and anything else they could find from our Forest School site.)

They weren’t given any guidance…just challenged to use their own ideas and to find ways of transferring different colours onto a square of white cotton. There was lots of experimentation going on…


The children used stones, sticks, their fingers and brushes to create the dye… Some tied stones into their cloth to see what would happen…


Some children explored the site for different ways of creating colours. They were ingenious! They used tree trunks, rotting logs, mud, acorns, crushed berries, moss and leaves.


As everyone was enjoying creating colours so much, we decided to get a large sheet of cotton and do some more! We decided it would make a brilliant sail for a Viking Longship! Someone suggested placing an acorn and some leaves inside the cloth and hitting it with a stone…we made some great prints, but the children decided that it was really hard work…and a little bit dangerous for their fingers. They were all very keen to finish the sail, but decided to wait until next week, so Mrs. Smith could bring out some hammers  to bash the leaves instead of using stones.


“I know…let’s make a massive Longship in the forest” said Thomas. “It’ll take us lots of days to make it” replied Brandon…”We’ll do it as  team” suggested Anthony. “And finish the sail and put it on” said Noman. So-that’s our plan for next time!

Choice time after snack was fabulous! One team worked together to hunt for Viking treasures…and they were delighted when they found GOLD! Elsewhere there was a lot of cooperation and problem solving going on around the climbing tree…which was a little out of reach for someone…who very cleverly found a way to help himself and his friend up! And lastly, a discovery team worked together to find and identify bugs and some strange looking fungi.

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15 Responses to “Cedars- Busy with blackberries!”

  1. Elijah Brown says:

    I liked teaming with John and trying to find all the colors, I had fun! I liked trying the blackberries for my very first time. We seen some mushrooms and I also had fun making my picture.

    • Deb Smith says:

      You enjoyed everything we did Elijah…and had a huge smile all morning! And you and John worked brilliantly together, being very inventive and experimenting lots. That’s why you were both our Forest School Superstars this week.

  2. Brandon Beard says:

    I like the viking game I played with my friends .

  3. Antony Mallaby-Slater says:

    I like go on climbing tree.
    I like go swing it was fun.
    I like forest school.

    • Deb Smith says:

      There’s a great photo of you on the climbing tree Antony. And it’s good to hear that you like lots of things at Forest School

  4. Jamie Bennitt-Loxton says:

    I had fun in the digging pit.
    I had fun in the forest.

    • Deb Smith says:

      I think that the digging pit might be your favourite bit of Forest School Jamie…that enormous hole is getting deeper each week.

  5. Jake Blackmore says:

    I balanced on the ropes.

    • Deb Smith says:

      You certainly did…and we noticed that this week, you were much braver and were able to hang backwards while balancing. Well done Jake!

  6. Nomaan shahid says:

    Nomaan and John diggging for gold and we found gold. We had hot chocolate.

  7. Elijah says:

    Back and i like forest school

  8. Elijah says:

    And also like the ropes!!!!!!!!

    • Deb Smith says:

      Thank you Elijah for telling me I love Forest School too! See you next week -I’m really looking forward to finishing our sail.

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