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A Viking Longship takes shape…

We had a very small group today as over half of Cedars class were out playing football at Villa…but WOW-how hard these 5 boys worked! And what a lot they accomplished.

Firstly, we cut open the string that had been tied around the stones on our large piece of cloth…we had dyed it with blackberries in the previous session. The patterns were beautiful.

We’d decided last week to use different leaves, flowers and berries to add more colours to the cloth. And had decided that it should be a Viking sail! So today we learnt how to safely use a hammer…and then bashed lots of different colours and patterns into the sail.


Then we set to work on the Longship…the children had some brilliant ideas. They found a tree that would make a great mast, then worked together to clear a space around it. They carried logs and sticks together and made the shape of their ship.

More and more sticks were added to build up the sides, and a great suggestion was made- to add a dragons head to the prow (front) of the ship. Look at the fire coming out of the dragons mouth! The group decided that the head needed to be orange and next week we will make some special paint to add to their creation.

We can’t wait to show what we did to the rest of Cedars next week…and to continue to use all the children’s brilliant ideas to complete the Longship.


8 Responses to “A Viking Longship takes shape…”

  1. Jake says:

    It was fun!

  2. Thomas says:

    Making the longship was cool.

  3. Caithan says:

    When I was doing the stamping with the hammer making patterns with different flowers it was really fun doing that and when I was collecting the wood planks for the longship it was even more fun.

  4. Brandon says:

    I liked the longship.

  5. Nomaan says:

    I liked the longship because Mrs Smith helped us and I liked making the flag with different flowers and things.

  6. Deb Smith says:

    Jake, Thomas, Caithan, Brandon and Nomaan…you are definitely the best Viking ship builders in all of Birmingham!
    Mrs. Eaves and I were amazed at how creative and hard working you were…and how brilliantly you all worked together. Well done all of you. I think that by the end of next week our ship will be ready to have an adventure in!
    I can’t wait!

  7. Tyrese, Jayden Antony and John says:

    “It is good, I liked pretending to be a Saxon and fighting with the Vikings” said Jayden and Antony

    “It was fun, playing all the games and enjoyed our breakfast”. said John

    Tyrese wanted to know when we will finish the flag.

    John and Thomas wanted to know when the long ship will be finished.

    • Deb Smith says:

      Hello boys…
      I think that you now know the answers to those questions!…you worked so well on the sail and the ship today, that it was finished and ready to sail! (And I love that the morning after last week’s lesson, you took the children who missed the session out to see the ship. It was great to see you all for breakfast in the log circle.)

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