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Foundation Stage Group 2 -explore and investigate…

Thursday, 4 May 2017

On Wednesday morning Group 2 from Oaks and Firs had their first Forest School session. Take a look at how much they enjoyed exploring, touching, investigating, moving, listening, playing, looking at…and having fun!

(Please click on the photo’s to enlarge them)

A wonderful morning was had by all…finished off with a lovely birthday mud cake and a very special Forest School birthday candle!

Beeches arty morning

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Beeches had a fantastic morning in Forest School…what a hard working class they are!

We started off with a fun team activity-making mandala art using the things we found around our site. We started with the small white stone Gruffalo ‘teeth’ we found last week…we placed them in the centre and then added a circle at a time of natural resources…each time going to find something that looked like, or reminded us of a part of the Gruffalo. Lots of thinking took place and lots of lovely language…we had bumpy stones for the Gruffalo’s knobbly knees, spikey holly leaves for the prickles on his back,  toe shaped sticks and lots of orange or rounded things for his eyes.

Next we chose what we wanted to do…some children worked in small groups to make a big Gruffalo picture on the ground. Again, lots of thought was put into choosing things to represent the Gruffalo…one group managed to find a stick with some harmless jelly-ear fungus growing on it…and thought it would make a great Gruffalo ear!

Elsewhere, the little white stone teeth we found last time, were being put to good use in another activity. These children used clay, stones, leaves and sticks to make a Gruffalo face that they can keep!



Forest Fun for Foundation Group 1

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

(Please click the photos to enlarge them)

Group 1 from Oaks and Firs had a lovely introduction to Forest School this morning.

They wrapped up warm as it was a cold day, and set off to explore each area of our site. First stop was the balancing tree…everyone had a go at walking across the long tree trunk. It was a little wobbly in places, but everyone managed to balance-some with a helping hand and some on their own.

Next we explored the weaving frame, the swing and the climbing tree…then chose which one to play on.

Then we walked further on, to find the rope bridge, the balance scales and the digging pit…we had a great time digging together and finding creatures. We also discovered that the mud kitchen is lots of fun!

After a drink and snack, we looked at where our Forest School area finished and where we must stop. Then enjoyed trying out the obstacle course.

Well done Oaks and Firs for being so enthusiastic, polite and happy…we all had a lovely morning introducing you to Langley Forest School.

Welcome to Forest School Beeches…

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

(Please click the photos to enlarge them)

Beeches class began their term of Forest School on Tuesday…and what a great morning we had!

Firstly, we looked at our Forest School Rules and discussed them.

Then we set off to explore the site, playing in different areas and talking about how to be safe whilst doing so. The children enjoyed using the digging pit, mud kitchen, obstacle course, ropes, swing and some of the children tried out our new balancing tree.

Then it was story time…Beeches listened carefully to the story of ‘The Gruffalo’. You can listen to the story here.

Mrs. Smith told us that she’d heard lots of strange animal sounds in the forest…and that she wondered if the purple things she’d spotted this morning, were in fact Gruffalo prickles! We were very excited about going on a Gruffalo prickle hunt! Everyone looked high and low until we had all got 2 purple (wool!) prickles each.

Then we chose a friend to work with. We twisted our 2 prickles together and tied them, to make  a special purple ‘Gruffalo-Gang’ Band!

After hot chocolate and a biscuit, there were lots more interesting things to discover! Rachel was really excited to have found two Gruffalo teeth in the digging pit! She showed her friends and soon there were lots of people hunting for more teeth…

Elsewhere, there were lots of meals being created in the mud kitchen…cookies for the mouse, snake stew and Gruffalo crumble!

What a lovely first session. And Beeches have come up with some great ideas for next week using the Gruffalo teeth they found. Watch this space!


Fun by the fire…

Saturday, 1 April 2017

Two lovely last days for both Larches and Maples…with a special treat of marshmallow smores, toasted over the fire!

First…everyone had a turn at using the flint and steel to make a spark and to try to light the fire.

Once it was going and we had added tinder and kindling, everyone took turns to add sticks to the fire.

We waited for the flames to die down, then toasted marshmallows over the hot embers…and really enjoyed eating them between two biscuits!

Thank-you Maples and Larches for a lovely term…it’s been a pleasure working with you all.

Fire-Strikers and Flags

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

A cold but fun morning for Larches…today they used the flint and steel to practice fire lighting and make a ‘Fairy Fire’ in a shell. There were lots of smiles and feelings of pride as the fairy fires were successfully lit!


Also today, we learnt how to safely use the loppers to cut a stick. Everyone listened carefully to a ‘Tool Talk’ so they knew how to hold, carry, position themselves and use the loppers…

The children used the sticks to make a flag-pole…they decorated their flag and attached it to the pole using string, trying hard to tie a knot independently


Maples-A busy morning painting!

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Maples had a lovely morning…our first warm sunny forest school day of the year! Today they used a range of natural resources to make their very own ‘forest paintbrush’…and then made their own paint, to complete a ‘Stick-man’ picture.

Some children worked in the tool area,  cutting up and cleaning out the centre of elder sticks, to make their own Stick-man.

And as always, there were lots of other exciting things going on around our Forest School site…  

Larches-Nature Paintbrushes…and lots of fun!

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

This week, we tried out another use for a stick…look at what resources the children were given and what they made from them…

After twisting leaves/feathers/dried grass/buds/pine needles onto a stick, the children set about making their own mud paint, by collecting some soil and adding water to it.

Some chose to follow on from last week and make an elder stick-man, by cutting fresh elder sticks and pushing out the soft pith from the middle.

But for most of the session, the children led the way, finding their own activities and being very creative! These boys spent the morning being pirates…they buried and hunted for treasure. They found special ‘treasure stones’, worms and a pot full of sycamore saplings (which they decided they would plant in see if they grew bigger)

Elsewhere, an adventurous group of boys worked together to create a new fun area. They found and hung a tyre from a tree, then decided to extend it by adding a walkway and a log bridge to get to the swing. We were SO impressed!

Our other creative duo worked together to complete a den they started a few weeks ago, this time adding a slide to it. They decided it wasn’t high enough to slide down, so worked out that by adding more tyres they could increase the height. Once the slide had been played on, they decided to decorate it, using the nature paintbrushes and mud paint that had been made by their friends, earlier in the session.

Well done Larches! What a great morning.

Elder wood stick-men (and lots of stick activities)

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Each session this week started with  the game- “I’m not a stick, I’m a…..” Anyone who wanted to, could go into the centre of the circle, repeat the phrase and add their own bit of creativity. We had sticks that were for juggling, a golf club, a magic wand, a motorbike, a bow and arrow and a boat…to name just a few!

This week, the children had the opportunity to make an elder-wood stick-man. Firstly, they listened carefully to a tool talk, and learnt how to safely use the secateurs to cut sections of elder. Elder is special because it has a soft pith inside, which can be poked out.

Once cut, the elder stick slices were hollowed out, and then thread onto pipe cleaners. With a few twists, stick-man’s arms body and legs were complete. We were very impressed at how well both Larches and Maples children concentrated on this task.

Some children chose to go on a stick hunt, searching for different types of stick- thin, thick, bendy, pointed, bumpy, tiny…

Once collected, the children were challenged to use and practice their knot skills to tie their sticks into a bundle. Some children have clearly been practicing as they made a really job of tying up their sticks. 

Lastly, some children chose to make forest-school art! Some lovely pictures of the stick-man story characters appeared across our site.

And not just stick-man pictures, but a boy, a swamp and big-foot too!


A fun and Firey Day!

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Another lovely busy time in Forest School for Larches and Maples. This week the children looked closely at a real nest (and an egg!) made by a robin…it was much smaller than the swan’s nest in the Stickman story. Before long, lots of different sized and shaped nests had appeared across the site, all with their own special features and ideas.

Both classes had previously enjoyed using the tarpaulins to make shelters, so these were available for the children to use if they wanted to. Larches decided to work together on their’s….they worked very well as a team.

In Maples, one very determined young man worked hard on his shelter, using the obstacle course to hold it up!

Also this week, some children had the opportunity to use the fire strikers for the first time to make mini ‘Fairy-fires’ They had to understand and demonstrate how to use them properly and needed to follow our fire safety rules. Lots of learning took place as they observed and discussed in which order to add the different sized sticks, how to keep the fire going, how it went out and how to keep safe.

To finish off their session, both classes enjoyed helping to make hot chocolate, by feeding the fire beneath the Kelly Kettle.

This weeks Superstars!