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Welcome to the Governing Body for the Federation of Beaufort and Langley Schools.

"The Governors have contributed exceptionally well to the outstanding leadership of the school." - Ofsted 2012

"The governing Body is highly effective, playing both an advocate role for the school with the local authority and challenging the school's leadership extremely well." - Ofsted 2013

"They bring a wide range of skills and experience that benefits the school considerably." - Ofsted 2013

School Governing Body

Governor Name Type of Governor Committee Connection to staff/pupils Term of Office End Date Other School Governor Posts Area of responsibility Business /personal interests Declared
Lynda Thomas Foundation Chair   2021   Leadership and Management LTE
Jeanette Ashwin Executive Head   Staff, Executive Head       None
Muriel Castle Co-opted Vice Chair Finance, Staffing, Joint site Beaufort, Curriculum   2021   LAC Governor, Early Years Foundation Stage Beaufort None
Elaine Pollock Co-opted Vice Chair, Finance, Staffing, Joint Site Langley   2021   Early Years Foundation Stage Langley Director of two dormant companies
Carol Harris Co-opted Staffing Curriculum   2021 Vice-chair trustees Timberley Quality of Teaching, Learning and Assessment, Outcomes for pupils None
Kath Philpott Co-opted Finance Joint Site Langley, Curriculum   2021 Associate Governor Fairfax Leadership and ManagementHealth and Safety Langley None
Ramadeep Kaur Parent Staffing Parent 2021   Personal DevelopmentBehaviour and Welfare Langley Square Peg Activities
Noreen Fatima Parent   Parent 2021   Personal Development Behaviour and Welfare Beaufort None
Sarah Shaw Staff Joint Site Beaufort Staff Langley 2021     None
Ian Bailey Co-opted Joint Site Langley/Beaufort Coppice Staff 2019 Coppice Health and Safety Beaufort None
Marie Mahoney Co-opted Finance, Curriculum Staff -TA 2021   Link Governor None
Lynsey Robotham Co-opted Curriculum Staff Beaufort 2021   SEN Governor None
Sara Smith Foundation     2022     None
Michelle Hill LA Governor Curriculum   2022   Safeguarding Governor, Quality of Teaching, Learning and Assessment None
Vacancy Co-opted            
Deb Steggall Associate   Head of School Langley        
Steve Robinson Associate   Head of School Beaufort       Member of NEU, Non managerial membership

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What is Governance?

The 2015 Governors’ Handbook, published by the Department for Education, states that school governing bodies ‘are the strategic leaders of our schools and have a vital role to play in making sure every child gets the best possible education. For maintained schools this is reflected in the law, which states that the purpose of maintained school governing bodies is to ‘conduct the school with a view to promoting high standards of educational achievement at the school’.

The role of the governors is to provide challenge and support to ensure that each child has appropriate, high - quality education. Our team is made up of a variety of skilled and committed individuals, some with more specific areas of responsibility.

The Governing Body of Beaufort and Langley meets as a Full Governing Body and committees to deliver the three core strategic functions of school governors:

  1. Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction.
  2. Holding the head teacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils.
  3. Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure that its money is well spent.

Governors come from all walks of life and play a vital role in shaping the school and ensuring educational standards are met.

Our Governing Body

Beaufort School is in a hard federation with Langley school and consequently has one governing body. Both schools are designated schools for pupils with cognition and learning disabilities and together they cater for the full range of learning disability.

Governors visit the school, both formally and informally, and this gives them a good insight into the day to day running of the establishment, as well as helping them in their role as ‘critical friends’. The School Development Plan, reviewed annually, is closely monitored by the governors. Governors attend training, which is provided both by the local authority and by the Learning Trust for Excellence. Their attendance at meetings is monitored, although all of our governors are dedicated to the schools.

Documents relating to our Federation can be found on our Policies and Documents page.

Our Constitution

Our constitution is laid down in the Instrument of Government for Beaufort and Langley Schools which came into effect on 1st September 2016 when the Governing Body was reconstituted under the School Governance (Constitution) (England) regulations 2012. In addition, the Governing Body is able to appoint Associate members.

The Governing Body of Beaufort and Langley Schools consists of:

  • 10 co-opted governors
  • 1 governor appointed by the Local Authority
  • 2 elected parent governors (1 from each school)
  • 2 foundation governors
  • 1 executive head team governor
  • 1 staff governor

We also have two associate governors, who provide skills and expertise, but cannot vote.

How do we Work?

The Full Governing Body meets twice per term. It delegates some of its work to committees, through terms of reference which are reviewed and agreed annually by the Full Governing Body. The membership of these committees is also agreed annually by the Full Governing Body. The key committees are:

  • Finance
  • Staffing
  • Curriculum and Pupil Progress Committee
  • Joint Site for Beaufort and Colebourne Schools
  • Joint Site for Langley and Coppice School

Terms of reference of these committees are available below.


  • Full Governing Body - 6
  • Staffing - minimum of 3
  • Finance - minimum of 3
  • Curriculum and Pupil Progress - minimum of 3
  • Joint Site with Coppice - 3

Additional formal meetings have been held of the statutory committees (Head teacher’s performance appraisal and Pay) to enable governors to carry out their statutory duties in these areas.

Governors also regularly visit both schools to participate in training days, joint celebrations and to visit the children and staff within the classroom. This allows them to monitor key aspects of school development and provide support and challenge to the schools.

Attendance at governing body meetings is monitored and apologies accepted, if appropriate, if governors are unable to attend.

Governors have completed a skills audit and attend regular training to update their skills and knowledge as appropriate.

Governor Achievements and Impact

Ofsted has recognised the outstanding contribution that the governing body has made in strengthening the school's leadership and ensuring capacity for future development. (Ofsted 2012, 2013)

The achievements of the governing body for the past year can be summarised as follows:

  • Strategic vision for the federation - 5 year plan directly linked to individual schools' development plans.
  • Improved learning environments - Beaufort resources and facilities brought downstairs for improved access and stability, Langley Forest Schools outdoor classroom.
  • Improved learning provision - occupational therapy provision provided at Beaufort and Langley.
  • Increased provision for pupils with cognition and learning disabilities across the North and East of the city (24 places overall with plans for increased numbers once building and adaptations are completed at Beaufort School).
  • Partnership Working - LTE governor working party, collaboration with collocated mainstream partners through building and planning, development of a training plan for governors.

Governor Links

  • National Governors' Association (NGA) is an independent charity that aims to improve the educational standards and well-being of the children and young people through supporting and promoting outstanding governance in all state-funded schools, including academies and free schools.
  • Birmingham City Council - Governor Information.


If you have cause for complaint, please read our Complaints Procedure which can be found on our Policies page.

Terms of Reference