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Our Staff

These great pictures of the staff were drawn by some of our pupils. See how closely they resemble the real thing by hovering over the pictures with your mouse!

Mrs Ainsworth

Mrs Arkell
by Isabel

Mrs Ashwin
by Ishaal

Miss Ballinger
by Katie

Miss Basi
by Andy

Mr Bradbury
by Byron

Mrs Burns
by Elijah

Miss Cawthorn
by Jake

Miss Corbett
by Isabel

Mrs Cresswell
by Adam

Mrs Cumisky
by Fabumo

Mrs Eaves
by Christopher

Miss Edgeworth
by Andrew

Mrs Edwards
by Josh

Miss Eglesfield
by Jake

Mrs Finnemore

Miss Ford
by Aoife

Mrs Ghedia
by Jack

Mrs Graham
by Aoife

Miss Hayes
by Aoife

Miss Hynes
by Asma

Mrs Kaur
by Jayden

Mrs Keating
by Lola

Mrs Kelly
by Te Asia

Mrs Knight
by Jack

Mrs Latham
by Jack

Mrs Law
by Chris

Mrs Longmore
by Abbi

Mrs Loughead
by Rafi

Ms Lynch
by Katie

Mr Lynn
by Katie

Mrs Millichamp
by Maddison

Mrs Mistry

Mr Mundye
by Joe

Mr O'Reilly
by Alayna

Mr Padiachy
by Jake

Miss Parkes
by Caithan

Mrs Passey
by Katie

Mrs Rathod
by Jessica

Mrs Reid-Kelly
by Vikram

Miss Ryley
by Luke

Mrs Sandbrook
by Caleb

Mrs Sanders
by Jamie

Mrs Scarrett

Mrs Shaw
by Cameron

Mrs Sheppard
by Ishaal

Mrs Simmons
by Raj

Mrs Singh
by Joe

Mrs Smith
by Ben

Mrs Steggall
by Ellie

Ms Steward
by Mark

Mrs Stokes
by Aaron

Mrs Sweetman
by Brandon

Mr Swain
by Leo

Mrs Thompson
by Katie
Miss Topham
by A-Jay

Mrs Tsiappourdhi
by Thomas

Mrs Wilkins
by Jacob

Staff List

Name Position
Mrs Jeanette Ashwin Executive Head Teacher
Mrs Deb Steggall Head of School
Mrs Sarah Shaw Assistant Head Teacher, Pastoral
Miss Marina Ryley Assistant Head Teacher, Teaching and Learning, PPA Teacher
Mrs Ann Edwards Oaks Class Teacher
Miss Alison Eglesfield Oaks TA
Mrs Tina Singh Oaks TA
Miss Shooby Ballinger Firs Teacher
Mrs Lisa Tsiappourdhi Firs TA
Mrs Vanessa Thompson Firs TA
Mrs Andrea Reid-Kelly Rowans Class Teacher p/t
Mrs Hanna Simmons Rowans Class Teacher p/t
Miss Sophie Edgeworth Rowans TA
Mrs Gail Stokes Rowans TA
Miss Claire Basi Rowans/Willows TA
Mrs Roisin Kelly Willows Class Teacher
Mrs Vicky Cumisky Willows TA
Mrs Rachel Longmore Willows TA
Miss Carla Topham Acers Class Teacher
Mrs Sarah Burns Acers TA
Mrs Deb Sheppard Acers TA
Mrs Katie Millichamp Beeches Class Teacher
Mrs Carol Arkyll Beeches TA
Miss Sarah Hayes Beeches TA
Mrs Jo Cresswell Beeches TA p/t
Mr Stephen Bradbury Cedars Class Teacher
Mrs Andrea Sweetman Cedars TA
Miss Lyndsey Wilkins Cedars TA
Mrs Hema Rathod Cedars TA
Miss Becky Ford Larches Class Teacher
Mr Darren Lynn Larches TA
Ms Brona Lynch Larches TA
Mr James Mundye Larches TA p/t
Mrs Jean Sandbrook Larches TA p/t
Miss Rose Corbett Maples Class Teacher
Mrs Nandini Eaves Maples TA
Mrs Theresa Law Maples TA
Miss Stephanie Parkes Poplars Class Teacher
Mrs Jemma Finnemore Poplars TA
Mrs Hasmita Ghedia Poplars TA
Mr Nadan Padiachy Poplars TA
Mrs Deb Smith Teacher, Forest School Leader
Mrs Claire Mistry Teacher (maternity leave)
Mrs Shirley Keating TA
Mrs Claire Loughead TA
Mr Mitch O'Reilly Inclusion Manager
Miss Sam Cawthorn HLTA, Intervention Team
Mrs Shirley Keating TA, Intervention Team
Mrs Fiona Latham TA, Intervention Team
Ms Heather Steward TA, Intervention Team – Langley/Beaufort
Mrs Yvonne Knight TA, Pastoral Support
Mrs Claire Hynes Senior Learning Mentor – Langley/Beaufort
Mrs Denise Ainsworth Speech and Language Therapist
Mrs Laura Graham Occupational Therapist
Mrs Lynette Scarrett School Business Manager – Langley/Coppice
Mrs Raj Kaur School Administrator
Mrs Becky Sanders Administrator Assistant
Mr Bill Swain Caretaker
Mrs Ann Passey Senior Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Emma Barnett Lunchtime Supervisor
Mr Andrew Bent Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Jacquie Byrne Lunchtime Supervisor
Ms Sharon Ellis Lunchtime Supervisor
Ms Farzana Fraz Lunchtime Supervisor
Ms Carole Hopkins Lunchtime Supervisor
Ms Emma Izzatt Lunchtime Supervisor
Miss Kay Johnson Lunchtime Supervisor
Ms Zaban Nisa Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Amirun Obeda Lunchtime Supervisor
Ms Dawn Parsons Lunchtime Supervisor
Mr Ashley Scarff Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Makhtar Bibi Bus Guide
Mrs Jacquie Byrne Bus Guide
Mrs Marcia Daly Bus Guide
Mrs Bernie Emery Bus Guide
Miss Kay Johnson Bus Guide
Mrs Gail Pierce Bus Guide
Mrs June Reid Bus Guide
Mr Ashley Scarff  Bus Guide
Miss Margarette Stonehouse Bus Guide
Ms Amanda Timmins Bus Guide