House Teams

All of the children and staff at Langley are in a House Team. Our teams are:

  • Green
  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Blue

Each year, the team groups have a meeting to elect their Captain and Vice-Captain. At the meeting, each child who is interested in being a Team Captain makes a short speech saying why they should be chosen. It is an important responsibility to be a Team Captain as they represent their team at all times and help to motivate and enthuse Team members.

All of the children in school (and staff!) collect team points throughout the week. These are given for:

  • Good work
  • Being helpful
  • Being kind
  • Making good choices
  • Good behaviour

Usually, they would earn one team point at a time, unless they do something exceptional and then it could be more. The children put their team points on a chart in their class as they earn them. On Friday every week, the team points are collected and counted up and the Team Cup is presented to the House with the most in Team Assembly on Friday afternoon.

During this assembly, we give a big round of applause to everyone who has earned 10 team points or more during the week. A chosen representative from each team comes up to the front to help unveil who the winners for the week are.

The winning team gets the Team Cup for the week, displayed in the hall for all to see
The Teams give us a great opportunity to socialise across the school. During the Team Assembly, the children in each Team sit together (there are children from each class in each House). They enjoy a range of activities together, including collecting team points on Sports Day and creating artwork.