School Isolation Guidelines

School Flowchart for suspected and confirmed cases of COVID 19
On any occasion where either a member of staff (Including visitors) or a child displays symptoms of COVID-19 or receives a positive test, the following chart will be used and actioned accordingly. 
Exceptional circumstances: It is important to note that on occasions the school, in consultation with PHE, may take actions above those detailed below. This will most likely occur when there are multiple symptomatic people on site and if there are restrictions locally or nationally.  An example of where this may occur is  cases a child or adult may be asked to isolate even with a negative test result, if they or a family member continue to display symptoms and there are local restrictions in place as well as multiple cases in our school.  These decisions will only be made after consultation with PHE and only in exceptional circumstances. Those affected by this will be contacted directly by the school.  We thank you for your continued support in protecting our school and community.
Isolation Flow Chart