School Council

The Langley School Council was set up in April 2007 to further establish the children’s voice in school. It is made up of a representative from each class who are elected or chosen by the other children. The children are joined by Mrs Knight (Facilitator) or Miss Ryley (Assistant Head/minute taker).

Meetings are held half termly with each having a specific focus. The meetings are led by a chosen chairperson (one of the School Councillors or another child) and often involve a little light refreshment!

Since its formation, the School Council has had responsibility for a variety of important tasks. They bring issues from their classmates to discuss and this school year we are looking at the playground environment and equipment.

Quotes from the School Council

After speaking to their classmates, the School Councillors told us that they enjoyed the following at school:

Early Years
  • Painting and playing on the bikes
  • Working – reading and writing
  • Making friends
  • Playing
  • Using equipment in maths
  • Using the whiteboard
  • Playing with toys
  • Drawing
  • Homework
  • Singing and dancing
  • Getting house points
  • Using the computer and whiteboard
  • Practical activities in topics
  • PE
  • Trips
  • Going on outings
  • ICT
  • Sewing
  • Making things
  • Soft play / sensory
At the final meeting of the year, the School Councillors were asked what they though about being on the Council. They said:

"I think it's perfect as it is and nice to see little ones joining in."
"It's nice."
"It's fun."
"It's fun because you come out of class."(!)

All of the children felt that they have made a difference and have been able to have a say which is great news! Here's to ongoing success.