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Wednesday, 12 February 2020

Another lovely morning for Oaks out in Forest School today. They worked hard to fill up the empty bird feeders that Firs left out last week. The birds are obviously very hungry! So we mixed up more fat and seeds, refilled the pots and then hung them out again…

We also practised our cutting skills by trimming some tree clippings and then used them to make some fabulous creations in the mud kitchen!

As always, there was lots going on all around the site-from music-making, balancing, sharing, bird watching, ball rolling to counting and sorting. What fun!

Hammers and paint

Thursday, 6 February 2020

Another lovely afternoon for Willows this week. They returned to the bug hotel which we had all worked on a couple of weeks ago, and helped to make it look even better!

They used a hammer to break up some coloured chalk and  once it was in powdered form, they added some water to make chalk paint. (click the pictures to enlarge)

They used the paint to decorate the bug hotel…

Willows also helped out our woodland birds, by filling up the bird feeders.

And enjoyed using the binoculars to see which birds they could spot in the trees. Although we didn’t see it, we did hear our woodpecker, who has lived in our woods for many years!

Foundation Group 2

Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Group 2 from Oaks and Firs really enjoyed their sunny morning in the woods this week. They concentrated hard on looking for hidden mini-beast pictures, until everyone had found one. Then they looked again to find another picture the same…

It is lovely to see how much more confident and engaged the children are becoming each week, and how they are working together more and developing their language and exploration skills.



Rowans busy bird morning

Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Rowans enjoyed a busy morning learning about some of the birds that we might see in our woods, garden and in our bird feeding area.

We started the morning quietly listening to the birdsong in the woods…it was very noisy! Next we played a fun game -Owl and Mouse.

Then we went on a hunt around the site, each looking for two different types of bird cards…

We talked about the different birds, naming the robin, blackbird, wren, starling and blue tit…then we matched our pictures to a big bird poster…we were impressed with how carefully the class looked at and matched the birds.

Also during the morning, the children were able to choose to make a cheerio bird feeder…we saw lots of concentration in this activity!

Lastly, after a warming hot chocolate, we worked together to make our own Forest School bird picture on the ground. What a work of art!



Acers musical morning

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Acers had a great time today out in the woods.  They are working and playing together really well now and we saw lots of lovely shared experiences…including a marvellous musical mix-up! The den was turned into a music shop, instruments were made and the beautiful singing and drum beats could be heard throughout the site! Children came and went, many of them offering a song, including a solo of away in a manger by Jude and a lovely round of jingle bells led by Shakira.

Elsewhere, these gorgeous reindeer were being created using natural resources…

Making mud paint was very popular last week and this was requested again today. Our mud  kitchen was given a whole new look, with ‘Forest Brown’ painted all across the back.

And we also enjoyed a warming-up team game called ‘Pass the Pine-cone’. We lined up and raced to pass the cone under our legs and then next time, over our heads!

Oaks and Firs

Saturday, 24 June 2017

It was another wonderful morning of discovery for children in group 2 of Oaks and Firs this week. We found some guttering and used it to pour water down…the children were fascinated and played until we had used up all the water we had!

Then this ingenious bunch thought of their own ideas! They rolled pine cones down the guttering and noticed how some rolled better than others. They observed, pointed out, were interested in and then shared their discovers with the adults and with their peers. We saw lots of very natural turn taking and sharing going on.

Some children didn’t stop there! Even more investigation took place…they searched around the site to see if they could find something else to place at the top of the guttering. And tried to out-do one another with finding the biggest stone possible!

This look of excitement and pleasure was a real sight to see!

And of course, lots of other adventures were happening all across our Forest School site…

Including a little digging, pouring, mixing…then decorating the area with mud paint!

Well done group 2…we all loved our morning watching you learning and experimenting. Roll on next time…