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Firs and Rowans

Friday, 13 March 2020

This week, both Firs and Rowans classes enjoyed helping with the ongoing job of moving logs from one end of the site to the other. It was such fun! A bit of effort and a lot of team work later, we had managed to move several more of the logs that the tree surgeons had removed when making safe the trees on our site.

Both classes focused very hard on their fine motor skills, by stretching small coloured bands across these Forest School-made nail boards. They also balanced and built with a range of different sized wood blocks, climbed, dug and bounced!

During the morning, Firs had a particularly ‘chilled out’ and relaxed time. It was lovely to see how calm everyone was…we’re not sure if it was the sunshine, the birdsong, or the fact that they just love Forest School that made them  seem so relaxed! But whatever the resaon, everywhere we looked we saw contented faces!

During the afternoon, Rowans were superstar litter-pickers. They were really helpful and worked well together in picking up lots of rubbish from around the field and in the woods…


Rowans-Bug hunting

Thursday, 5 March 2020

Rowans started their session this week with a mini-beast picture treasure hunt. They loved looking for and finding all the pictures! We sat together in the log circle afterwards, listening to the mini-beast names as one of the children read them out for  the rest of the class to repeat.

Then we put out pots and magnifying glasses, which some of the children chose to use, with great interest and enthusiasm!

And look at all of these smiley happy faces!!

Fairy Wands

Wednesday, 26 February 2020

Rowans were back in Forest School today for another half term of sessions. They were very happy to be back and settled easily back into the routines.  We started the  afternoon off  with this story about a hard-of-hearing fairy.

The story was funny as the fairy kept making the wrong spells. We thought we could have a go at making wands…hopefully they would make good magic spells! We started off by choosing a stick

Then decorated it with forest finds, and a selection of other things…

We thought the wands looked great…

Rowans also selected their own activities and judging by the smiles all round, a good time was had by all!

Cranberry decorations

Wednesday, 4 December 2019

Today, both Oaks and Rowans children enjoyed using cranberries and elder sticks to make these lovely decorations

They needed to concentrate hard, as pushing the wire through the cranberries was very tricky!

We also had a go at making Autumnal faces…

…and really enjoyed using this wooden board to be creative with coloured bands…we counted, named colours, made and named shapes, copied patterns and practised fine motor control.

And  look at us exploring dens, using fabulous climbing and balance skills and generally having a brilliant time in Forest School!

A rainy day for Firs and Rowans

Monday, 25 November 2019

Dressed in waterproofs and rain hats, Firs didn’t let the rain get in the way of exploring, learning and having lots  of fun this morning…and Rowans did just the same this afternoon!

Today we investigated using lavender and plant cuttings to paint with. Firs mixed up a tray of mud and used the cuttings as paint brushes. The worked really well…and smelt lovely too!

Firs were feeling very adventurous today…and are really starting to work and play together, sharing turns and enjoying their time outside with their friends

Children in Rowans enjoyed looking for hidden creatures today…they upturned logs and carefully pulled back some bark to discover some slugs, snail eggs and a friendly spider who walked up and down Mrs. Smith’s arm before disappearing under the table!

They also had a go at lavender painting…

…and explored lots of different areas

Leaf hunting and threading with Rowans

Tuesday, 19 November 2019

What a beautifully crisp Autumnal morning we had today. Rowans started their morning hunting through the woods, looking for different leaf pictures. We found leaves from a holly, oak, birch, elder, sycamore and hazel tree…

We collected all the leaf cards together and had a look…

Then, to keep us moving and active in the cold weather, we walked around the woods, looking for lots of different leaves to thread onto a string. The children were encouraged to look for different colours, shapes and sizes…

The strings of different leaves looked lovely when they were complete…

And as always, we had time too, to decide what else to do. Aside from a muddy meal and turn taking in the hammock, lots of fun was had in the  playhouse today, where we re-enacted the story of the 3 little pigs…complete with wolf and piggy voices and lots of laughter!

Welcome to Forest School Rowans

Tuesday, 5 November 2019

Rowans class had their first session of the year today…and what a lovely start to their time in Forest School it was! We explored and used the site, hunted for a ‘bowl full of worms’, counted and sorted, made mud meals and had a go at making some special Forest School style fireworks…

Rowans concentrated really well in this task. They selected their own firework colours, wrapped the wool and sparkly pipe cleaners around their sticks and when they were done, ‘whooshed’ them into the air!

Rowans special treat

Tuesday, 9 April 2019

As it was the last day for Rowans class today, we had two special treats…toasting marshmallows over the fire, followed by an Easter egg hunt!

First we watched Mrs Smith build the fire, talking about all the different thicknesses and types of wood. Then we learnt how to use the fire striker…

Then Mrs Smith lit the fire and we all helped to add a stick…

Once the fire had died down, we used the embers to toast our marshmallows…

We enjoyed squashing them between two biscuits…they were delicious! Before we started our egg hunt, we put out the fire to make sure everything was left safely…

Look at our piggy faces!

Sunday, 31 March 2019

Rowans were super sensible this week when practising using the drill. In previous weeks they had used the bow saw to cut some small wood slices and they used these to make two little pig ears. They drilled  a hole in each ear, then used another larger wood slice for the pig’s face-drilling two further holes in order to attach the ears.

We also had fun blowing (and pulling!) down the straw house we made last week…

…and enjoyed making some lovely mud kitchen food in order to fill up the hungry wolf-we thought it a much better alternative to him eating the pigs!!


A Straw house that didn’t blow down…

Tuesday, 19 March 2019

Today we built a fabulous straw house-perfect for a little pig to shelter in and stromg enough to keep out a wolf!

Once the structure was done, straw was added. Not far away, a team of  mud-makers were busy preparing some special forest ‘cement’…

The mud cement was used to hold together the straw and sticks…we were very pleased with it and thought it worked really well.

We tried to blow the house down…but it was strong enough to stay standing! Well done Rowans!

We also continued making wood cookies using the bow saw…

And we enjoyed lots of other self selected (and often imaginative) activities including taking log dog for a  walk, making music and creating a picnic feast in the wooden playhouse.