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Fire strikers at the ready!

Tuesday, 3 March 2020

What a fabulous example of resilience and pride in your work! Watch these videos of  two children learning to use a fire striker independently… and listen to what they say when they finally light the cotton pad   ❤️

Percy’s Friends…

Tuesday, 1 October 2019

Last week, Beeches enjoyed a story about Percy The Park Keeper and all his animal friends. We recalled the story this week, and on our way to the log circle, all helped to find hidden pictures of the different animals from the story. We named each animal and talked about where they lived.

When we came across a lovely home for one of Percy’s friends-the squirrel, we thought that maybe Percy must have visited Langley Forest Schoolto help make it! We decided to make some more homes for the other animals…

We also made them some delicious food in the mud kitchen-incuding acorn and leaf soup for the squirrel. And had lots of fun playing with the squelchy mud in the digging pit!



Summer in Butter-Bee Garden

Friday, 8 June 2018

Summer is here and everything is growing and changing so quickly in our garden!

We had a look at the tadpoles this week, and were excited when we noticed that they had started to grow 2 back legs. They are feeding off all the plants, midges and lavae in the pond…which is also looking very healthy after all the lovely sunshine we’ve been having.  Some caterpillars were enjoying the leaves on the willow tunnel, this  too is growing lots.

The wildflowers are all emerging, looking beautiful and attracting lots more wildlife into the  area.  

Watch our Bird Box Live!

Thursday, 10 May 2018

We’ve all been excitedly watching our very own Langley School blue tits through our bird box camera, for a month or so now. We saw both birds as they built a nest, we watched the female begin to sleep in it overnight, then saw her lay an egg a day until there were 11 in total. Since last Tuesday, she’s been sitting on the eggs, incubating them. Usually it takes 13-15 days, so we should start to see some chicks hatching soon!

The live YouTube link can be found here:

This is the latest video…

And there are lots more videos on our YouTube page, so you can scroll through and watch all the action at any time…just search YouTube for Bird Box Langley or click here.

…and enjoy watching!


NEW LIFE…and new things!

Sunday, 22 April 2018

What a beautiful sunny start to the new term! Everything is springing into life-have a look at some of the exciting things happening in our garden…

We had a lovely surprise when we got back to school-Mrs Smith had discovered frogspawn in the pond over the  holiday, and when Beeches looked, they saw that tadpoles had hatched. There were lots and lots! We looked closely at their long tails and enjoyed seeing them swimming around.

More exciting news…the blue tits had finished building their nest. Beeches watched the live footage and one of the Bird Box videos on the ipad, and then sat in the birdhide, trying to spot the birds coming in and out of the nesting box. Even more exciting…we’ve since found an egg in the nest, and are expecting an egg a day for the next week or more.

The children also looked at the plants and flowers that were beginning to grow in the wildflower meadow. They helped to sow some more bee friendly seeds and then gave them plenty of water.

We’ll be checking on the progress of the tadpoles, the eggs and of course the wildflowers in the coming weeks…watch this space.


Lastly, a massive THANK-YOU to Claire at Myths and Magical Things, who has very kindly donated these beautiful fairy doors to Langley School. Our new doors will be finding their way into the Forest School site during the term…I wonder who will discover them first…?


Bird Box News!

Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Last week, we were all very excited to see that the Langley Bird Box had been occupied! Many of the classrooms were watching it all happening on the smart-boards, via our YouTube live stream. Seeing our lovely little bird building and arranging her nest has been fascinating. You can check out the live feed (and videos) using this link. 

And here are a couple of videos from today…


Our Visit from the Mayor

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

There was much excitement last week, when we had a visit from Councillor David Pears- the Mayor of Sutton Coldfield. He arrived with this huge cheque which Langley School had been awarded, for the exciting environmental work that the children have been involved in.

The Mayor was keen to meet some of the children and to see some of the things we’ve been doing. We showed him our pond, our bird boxes, feeding area and hide, the hedgehog house and some of the things we’d made…and he even enjoyed a wander through the willow tunnel! The children were an absolute credit to the school, talking knowledgeably and with enthusiasm about what we’ve accomplished and what else we’d like to do next.

(click the photos to enlarge them)

Signs of Spring

Friday, 23 February 2018

With the children on half term holiday, this week was a great opportunity to spend a lovely sunny morning  tidying up in Butter-Bee garden.

Piles of leaves were raked and composted, plants were clipped, overhanging branches were lopped and repairs were made.

It was great to see, in our ‘wildflower meadow’, lots of new shoots and flowers  beginning to emerge. And a ladybird too who’s been hibernating under the leaves amongst the plants. She was safely covered over again so she can sleep some more!

The willow tunnel had a good tidy up too…and once again, it was clear to see that Spring is around the corner. It won’t be long till these buds start to grow into lots and lots of leaves  🌱🌿🌞🌼🌺


Merry Forest School Christmas!

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Wishing a Merry Christmas to all our children, staff, parents and governors, from Langley Forest School.

We hope that you all have a wonderful holiday…but before we go, here’s a few of the things we’ve made this year in the build up to Christmas. Enjoy!

Celebration Day…dragons and noodles!

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Today was multicultural celebration day across the school. Every class rotated around school and got involved in preparing and tasting foods from around the world, and in creating crafts related to each country.

Whilst others focussed on Italian, French, Indian and Greek foods, in Forest School we talked about Chinese food.

Cooking Chinese noodles was great fun! We learnt how to use the fire striker to create a spark to light the fire. Then we used the Kelly Kettle to heat water, by making a fire in the special bowl, and placing the kettle on top. We took turns to carefully add sticks to the fire.

Once the water had boiled, Mrs. Smith poured it onto the noodles…they were delicious! Some of us tried eating them with chopsticks.

We also worked together to make this amazing Chinese Dragon, using different coloured leaves. We were very proud of how fantastic he looked!