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Merry Christmas from Forest School

Wednesday, 11 December 2019

As the end of the term nears and we’re all busy with Christmas productions, parties and church services, we have found a little time to make sure we celebrate the season- Forest School style!

Our handmade Christmas Tree is up in Hollies, and we’ve been busy making some lovely decorations, an indoor tree and these fabulous Rudolf pine cones…

Beeches helped to make a tree trunk using sticks and branches using christmas tree trimmings. They decorated their  tree with pipe cleaner tinsel, cones and a few decorations. They were really pleased with the end result…

Firs loved making these reindeer…we think they look super!

Soup..and a fire

Tuesday, 3 December 2019

Today Beeches class helped to build a fire and cook some tomato soup. We started off our morning by looking at and talking about the different sorts of sticks we would need for our fire…then everyone helped to sort out piles of sticks. We looked at how thick the sticks were, and placed them into the correct buckets…

Once the sticks were sorted, we gathered around the log circle and  had a go at using the fire sticker to make a spark…

Then we watched as Mrs. Smith lit the fire. We took turns to add a stick to the  fire…

Once the fire was ready to cook on, we opened some soup and poured it into our big dutch oven. We put it on the fire and waited for it to warm up. It didn’t take very long!

We enjoyed drinking the  soup…it was delicious!

Super stick men

Tuesday, 26 November 2019

Beeches had a fabulous morning, working very hard together to learn a new game and to create some lovely land art. We started with a stick man circle game, quickly learning to sing (to the tune of Tommy Thumb)

Stick man-stick man-stick man-stick man, Can you see, Children (********), Chasing me!”

We chose lots of different things, like ‘Children wearing red hats’ ‘Children wearing blue wellies’ ‘Children who are girls’ and so on…then those who matched the description, ran round the outside of the circle and back to their space, as quickly as they could! Beeches loved this game!

Next we divided into groups to make a big land art stick man-looking around the Forest School site to find anything the children wanted to use. Look at our 3 different stick men…

Group 1

Group 2

And group 3…

We finished of our session with free choice, including the option to make some mini-stick men…

A lovely, busy morning…with great co-operative work and lots of thinking skills being used. Well done Beeches.

Stick Sorting

Wednesday, 20 November 2019

Beeches started their afternoon out in the  woods, with a story today…

We LOVE stick man! And really enjoyed hearing about all the different things stick man became in the story.

Next, we all worked together to find different sorts of sticks from around the Forest School site.

We looked for tiny sticks…bendy sticks

Long sticks, thick sticks, straight sticks…bumpy, smooth and Y-shaped sticks!

We looked at all the different piles of sticks, and estimated which we thought had the most in…then counted to check whether we were right!


Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Beeches took part in a descriptive word scavenger hunt today. They used the picture clues to find items to place inside the egg boxes. Some of the things they found were long, spiky, hard, tiny, green, rounded, yellow, soft…

Beeches also finished off the  cheerios that had been left from the  morning session…they enjoyed using them to make feeders for the birds.

After all that work, Beeches enjoyed choosing where to play. It was lovely to see the children developing their own games and ideas and co-operating so well together. The play house was particulary good fun this afternoon.These 3 boys developed a game of pine cone football- scoring goals against the walls! Even the spectator outside found it hilarious to watch!

Spiders and a spikey hedgehog

Tuesday, 22 October 2019

This morning, Beeches worked hard to make these super spiders, using pine cones, pipe cleaners and googly eyes!

We were very  proud of the spiders and at the end of the morning, they were displayed in our outdoor classroom- Hollies…

We also worked together using our fine motor skills and lots of concentration, to make this pumpkin hedgehog

We took turns to carefully hold the hammer and tap some sticks into the pumpkin…

We also enjoyed some music making using things we found on the ground and adding them to lidded boxes. We discovered that some things made a soft sound and others made a very loud sound! We played and sang together on our Forest School stage.


Beeches busy morning

Tuesday, 8 October 2019

A lovely morning for Beeches class today, using our Percy the park keeper story to inspire us out in Forest School. We started off learning about oak trees-the same tree that Percy found had blown down in the storm. We found lots of Oaks as we walked to the  log circle, and enjoyed looking for and collecting acorns.

We enjoyed looking closely at the acorns using magnifying glasses, and all found our own acorn to plant…

We hope that our acorns start to grow, so that we can plant some new oak trees

We also did a few jobs that Percy the park keeper does in his woodland-raking leaves and carrying things around in the wheelbarrow. The wheelbarrow was very wobbly, and took a lot of concentration to push!

And we had a go at creating pictures of some of the story characters, using natural resources…

During our reflection time at the end of our morning, we thought about what we were good at doing today.  Answers including I was good at…’helping my friend’, ‘raking leaves’, ‘pushing the wheelbarrow’ ‘making pictures’, ‘looking for acorns’. Lots of sensible and individual answers…we were very impressed.

Percy’s Friends…

Tuesday, 1 October 2019

Last week, Beeches enjoyed a story about Percy The Park Keeper and all his animal friends. We recalled the story this week, and on our way to the log circle, all helped to find hidden pictures of the different animals from the story. We named each animal and talked about where they lived.

When we came across a lovely home for one of Percy’s friends-the squirrel, we thought that maybe Percy must have visited Langley Forest Schoolto help make it! We decided to make some more homes for the other animals…

We also made them some delicious food in the mud kitchen-incuding acorn and leaf soup for the squirrel. And had lots of fun playing with the squelchy mud in the digging pit!



Welcome back!

Tuesday, 24 September 2019

What a wet start we had to our first week of Forest School this term! Despite very heavy rain, Beeches class braved it outside for a short time, in order to pick some juicy blackberries…

We took the blackberries inside and used a pestle and motar to squash them and release the lovely colours…

Next we added flour and salt and mixed them up together with a little oil and water

Then we poured in the blackberries and stirred everything together to make a dough

We kneaded the dough and then shared it out so everyone could make their own creation! Our blackberry playdough both smelt and felt lovely.


Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Beeches worked hard today to make their own superworms to take home, using sticks that had  been cut from one of our elder trees.

They first learnt how to carefully hold and use the secateurs to cut the sticks into small pieces.

Then they used a smaller stick to poke out the soft pith from the centre of the stick…

Once the centre had been removed, the pieces of stick were threaded onto a pipe cleaner. With eyes and mouth added on, Superworm was complete!

Halfway through the morning, everything came to an abrupt halt, as Ryan spotted something very exciting in a tree directly above the den he was making! We quickly gathered together…very quietly…and looked up onto a branch, to spot this beautiful baby tawny owl looking down at us!

We abandoned the den making, so as not to disturb the owl, and kept checking back on him during the morning. He stayed there all morning…but had gone by lunchtime. We hope to see him again one day.

Also this morning, we used the Superworm book to inspire creative ideas. The children were given a box of ropes and…just like Superworm did…were asked to find different ways of using them…

The ropes became a fishing line, were tied to some trees in order to go under and over, and were also used to add another bucket to our balance scales!