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Bread on sticks

Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Poplars had a lovely time this morning making damper bread by mixing flour, a little sugar and some water, and then kneeding it in a sealed bag until it formed a dough. They wrapped the dough around a clean, peeled stick and held it over the embers of the fire until it was cooked. The children had to be patient, and had to look carefully at their bread as it cooked, so that it didn’t burn. Everyone enjoyed tasting their bread…look at all these big smiles!



Fire-lighting, crowns and squishy berries!

Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Poplars had another busy morning out in the woods today! Whilst the last four children took their turn learning how to build and light a fire, the rest of the class enjoyed learning more about Vikings. They looked at and dug for Viking coins, worked on making King Alfred The Great crowns and made their own Viking paint using berries.

Viking Dens, fire and farming…

Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Another lovely morning for the fabulous Poplars, despite the chilly weather. We wrapped up really well and set off to create some Viking LongTallhouses!!  First of all, we listened to a safety talk and learnt how to carefully drag the long sticks and how to place them, after checking our friends weren’t in the way.

There was a lot of thought put into the dens, and super teamwork too.

Some groups worked on houses for themselves, whilst others made homes for their animals. They thought about how to keep their animals safe-and added fencing to keep the foxes out!

Once the dens were built, some of the children became Viking farmers. They searched in the digging pit, and dug up some carrots!

Whilst this small group took their turn this week to learn how to build and light a fire. They practised using the fire striker, lit small individual ‘fairy fires’, then worked together to collect sticks and make a bigger group fire…


Welcome to Forest School, Poplars!

Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Today, Poplars started their half-term of outdoor learning and Forest School. They were very excited to be out in the woods!

This small group spent the  morning learning how to set and light a fire. They practised using a fire striker, then helped to collect different thicknesses of sticks, before independently lighting it (under the watchful eye of Mrs Smith) and working together to add sticks to the fire.

Once we stopped adding sticks, we watched as the fire died down, discussing the changing colours and watching the embers turn into ash. The children noticed that the embers were still very warm, so helped to put out the fire safely.

Elsewhere in the woods, the rest of Poplars were having a marvellous time learning about Viking longboats. They worked in teams to make their own longships, complete with a mast, a sail, a dragon head at the front (prow) of the ship and oars to row. They even made a plank for naughty Vikings to walk off! Once they’d finished, they took turns to raid the other team’s ship and steal their treasure!

What a great morning! We talked about what had made us proud, what we had enjoyed and what we’d like to do next week. We’re all looking forward to our next Forest School adventure…



Cooking on a cold day…

Friday, 16 February 2018

This week Poplars class enjoyed a warming fire (on a very cold day!) with a lovely cup of tomato soup, followed by toasted marshmallows. Yummy!

A crafty morning…

Saturday, 10 February 2018

Poplars had a great time this week, despite having to make some last minute changes to our plans and run our Forest School session inside Hollies.

We spent the morning creating some wonderful woodland crafts…look at all the things we did!

Poplars-its all about the bugs!

Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Poplars showed an interest in helping to revamp the bug hotel in their previous session, so we built on this today by adding more elements to the different layers of the hotel. Those children who’d not had a chance to use the loppers last time, learnt how to safely use them to cut some bamboo into shorter lengths.

Then we used Katie’s idea of painting the hotel…Forest School style! We carefully crushed some chalk using a hammer, using a glove on our helper hand and making sure to work safely and with care. Once we’d made a powder, we added water, mixed and the paint was ready to go! We worked together and made the hotel look great!

Elsewhere in the woods, some marvellous mini-beasts and woodland creatures were being created using natural materials and clay…

Look at this wonderful collection…including a bird, hedgehogs, mice and spiders!

Woodland Creatures

Friday, 19 January 2018

Welcome to a new term of Langley Forest School!

Children in Rowans and Poplars are having a quick half-term experience out in the woods…and it’s really clear what an impact their  previous experiences out there has had on them. They were fantastic- from the word go they were engaged, knew the forest rules, were immediately able to respond to ‘sticky elbows’ (our safety call) and were really keen to use the site.

This term we are learning about what animals live in woods, what their habitats and homes are called and where to find them. We started off with hunting for and identifying the animals, then decided to make our own animal homes.

Poplars also asked to revamp the Bug Hotel. So we started filling some containers with different things such as straw, leaves, sticks, bark, and pine cones, hoping to attract a range of mini-beast friends. We’ll continue next time…we ideas to make it look spectacular!

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