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Cranberry decorations

Wednesday, 4 December 2019

Today, both Oaks and Rowans children enjoyed using cranberries and elder sticks to make these lovely decorations

They needed to concentrate hard, as pushing the wire through the cranberries was very tricky!

We also had a go at making Autumnal faces…

…and really enjoyed using this wooden board to be creative with coloured bands…we counted, named colours, made and named shapes, copied patterns and practised fine motor control.

And  look at us exploring dens, using fabulous climbing and balance skills and generally having a brilliant time in Forest School!

It’s all about the leaves…

Wednesday, 20 November 2019

Oaks had a great morning today, appreciating the autumnal colours and using leaves both to be creative and to develop their fine motor skills. We made these lovely bookmarks using different leaf shapes and colours, buds, feathers and sticks…and enjoyed a bit of leaf threading too!

We always love a bit of exploring and music making out in the woods and today was no exception…

Bugs, music, fireworks and fun…

Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Our youngest children were out in the woods today-and we’re really proud of how well they have settled into the Forest School routine. Today they investigated mini-beasts-looking closely at and matching pictures and looking to see which ones we could find. We discovered LOTS of woodlice, some worms, slugs and a beetle.

We also used fine motor skills and lots of concentraton, to make these lovely forest fireworks…

As always, the children’s self directed play and investigations were supported and encouraged. Amongst many other activities, we had fun making up some mud kitchen music (which travelled around the woods on it’s debut tour!)…we sorted and counted and sang about leaves…took turns gently rocking friends in the hammock…built towers and climbed trees. What a busy, happy time we had.

Filling feeders and lugging logs…

Wednesday, 16 October 2019

Oaks helped to look after the Langley School birds this morning, by filling up all our bird-feeders. They enjoyed pouring and measuring and took great care not to overfill them. It was fun to feel and play with the leftover seeds!

We also used our muscles today, to take some log dogs for a  walk through the woods! This was hard work and involved lots of co-ordination…

We also did a bit of counting and investigating, swinging and the ultimate in chilled out relaxation…forest sun bathing!

Oaks and Willows have a wonderful Wednesday

Wednesday, 2 October 2019

This morning was the first time out in Forest School for Oaks class. As we headed out the door, one of our children remembered the tadpoles he had seen in the summer term and asked if they were still there…so we started off in our garden, and had a look in the pond. We were very lucky! After a couple of minutes we saw a big frog jump out from the side, into the pond and then swim away to hide in the reeds!

Oaks all enjoyed a lovely morning exploring the site and finding out all the different things they could do…

Willows also had a wondrful Wednesday! Last week, some of the children had played on our new pallet boat…but noticed that it didn’t have a sail. We used a tea towel last week, but this week, we set about making our own much bigger sail. We used things from our site-blackberries, elderberries and big fern leaves, to hammer and squash onto a cloth…

We were really impressed with the end result.

Also this afternoon, we’ve cooked with acorns and investigated crushing them, played lots of turn taking games and enjoyed a bit of sunshine and happiness.