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Wood Cookies and Free Play

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Acers had a WONDERFUL time this morning!

They were free to choose their own activity and had the exciting opportunity of using the Bow-Saw for the first time.

Look at all the lovely things they did…climbing, swinging, exploring, designing, bug hunting, digging, cooking, rope play to name just a few!


Look at the hedgehog I made!


P1080849P1080846P1080862P1080855P1080866P1080852P1080853P1080856P1080858 P1080860P1080871P1080854 P1080872P1080876P1080867 P1080878P1080879P1080880

(Click the photos to make them bigger)

Acers class- can you tell us what you enjoyed most…leave a comment below.

Muddy Paint

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Our Wonderful Wednesday afternoon group had a lovely time making paint today!

First, they filled their pots with soil, then added some water and stirred…


Then they created a muddy work of art. What fun!


Birds galore

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

(Remember to click the photos to enlarge them)

Today, Rowans class were thinking about all the birds that visit Langley School.

Some children wanted to continue with the nest building they had done in their previous session.

This group worked together to improve the big nest, by mixing up soil and water…

P1080810P1080789P1080798P1080811 …then using the mud they made to hold the sticks together. Just like the real birds nest we recently looked at.

Most of the class were keen to make a bird feeder. They concentrated for a long time, worked very well together and really enjoyed hanging up the finished results for our birds to eat!


Some children worked on extending the nest. This looks like a very long perch for lots of birds to share! What do you think it could be?



We think that the birds at Langley School will be singing a thank-you to all the children in Rowans class!

Have you seen any birds in your garden? Do you feed them? Leave us a comment to let us know…


Dragon Egg Hunt

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

One of Acers class recently told us about a news story he had heard…about a dragon! He told us the dragon had flown over Langley School and somewhere in our forest, it had laid a purple egg with white spots on it. We were all intrigued…so today we were explorers, searching for the dragon eggs!

We crept along, looking for signs of a dragon…

LOOK! We found DRAGON’S BREATH hanging from the trees.  (Please click the pictures to make them bigger)


After much searching, we eventually found a large nest. Hiding under the sticks were two dragon eggs. It was very exciting!



Over hot chocolate and a biscuit, we decided what to do next. We had lots of ideas…

These two boys found things in the forest to make a dragon. If you look carefully, you will see 2 big eyes, his steamy breath, a long body, wings and a tail!

P1080748P1080757P1080758                                                                                                                          Another group wanted to make another dragon nest. They made a nest shape with sticks then added stones for eggs.


These children decided to make mud eggs to add to the nest. They mixed water into some soil and squashed the soil in their hands, until they made an egg shape.




Then they put the eggs into the dragons nest


Lastly, our very own special news reporter chose to make a short film about his quest to find the dragon.




Squirrel Obstacle Course

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

What fun we had today!

Mrs. Smith showed the children a letter she had found from Sid Squirrel. It challenged them to create an obstacle course for a squirrel.

The children had to work in teams, use a range of different resources  and get a squirrel from one tree to the next without it touching the ground!

Look at this funny video of a real squirrel obstacle course! We enjoyed watching this.

And now look at how creative the children were when they worked together…



First the children explored the forest and collected all they needed…


Rolling tyres was hard work…but lots of fun!



This group made a bottle rocket, a tube slide, a cargo net, and a swing…with a big jump at the end for the squirrel  to get to his food!



This group made a brilliant look-out post. They worked really hard together, all helping to carry the enormous log through the forest to their tree.


These children made a trampoline and a slide. They decorated the start of their course with red material.


This group made a very high obstacle course! It had lots of things on it, including a tyre ladder, pipe tunnels and a bottle carrier…and we think that a real squirrel may be using it before next week’s lesson!


Rowans Go Nest Building

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Rowans asked last week to look at and learn more about nests. We looked again at the nest Mrs. Smith had found, and saw that it had mud and sticks on the outside, grass and straw inside and was lined with soft leaves.

We started our session with this story…click on the link to read it…The Best Nest Story

Out in the forest, we discovered an ENORMOUS nest! It had just been started…so we decided to work together to help to finish it. The children were fantastic! They worked brilliantly together, finding and placing sticks. Once the outside of the nest was built, they collected lots of leaves for the middle…and added some soft bedding and some wool.




Everyone chose a bird to add to their nest  IMG_0361

Some children chose to make a smaller nest. This one had an arched corridor leading to a living room!



Some children chose to make a bird feeder to take home.IMG_0366IMG_0368

…while others had fun in the mud kitchen!





Acers love worms!

Tuesday, 26 January 2016



Acers class have shown a real interest in digging for and looking at worms. They had been asking lots of questions about them…so we decided to find out a little more.

We learnt what worms look like, the different parts of their body, and how they help our soil. If you want to look at what we learnt, then click here- The world of worms PDF

Look at our wormery…and how we made it.


First,we put small stones at the bottom of our wormery


Then we put in a layer of soil


Next, we carefully spread a layer of sand


…followed by more layers of soil and sand


Then we added some leaves to the top and sprayed a little water to make the soil damp enough for the worms


Last of all, we added some worms!


The biggest catch of the day!


The wormery will have a cover over it when it goes inside, so that the worms can live in the dark, just like their natural habitat.


We also checked the hedgehog home we made last week and talked about hedgehogs.

We decided to make our own little hedgehogs, using salt dough and natural materials we found in the forest.P1080591P1080589IMG_0316IMG_0322P1080590IMG_0325

Some children made bird feeders too.

What do you think? Leave a comment and let us know!

Helping our woodland animals!

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

What a lovely day we had today!  Acers class found two ways to help our woodland animals…by building a hedgehog home and by adding a new layer to our bug hotel.

Look at how well they worked together…


We started with a plastic box, with a hole cut out for a door


..then covered the box to keep the hedgehogs warm and dry


Lastly, we filled the box with straw and leaves. We hope a visitor will move in soon!


Ta dah! What a great job!

Over at the bug hotel…

Acers children firstly added a new pallet on top, then chose what to put into the gaps.

They used sawdust, wood chips, leaves, sticks, bamboo, straws, hay, rolled up cardboard, pipes…lots of  different habitats for lots of different mini-beasts.

What do you think?

Leave us a comment and let us know….!


P1080297   P1080298

Animal Habitats and Homes

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Acers and Rowans had a fun time learning about animal habitats and the names of their homes.P1080321P1080317

They followed a picture trail, matching up the animal pictures they found in the forest, to pictures of the animal homes.



They learnt that a squirrel lives in a drey, a fox lives in a den, a rabbit lives in a burrow, a worm lives in soil…and lots more!



We found and studied a nest and animal tracks and had fun digging for worms.


Can you look for animal homes near to where you live? 

Tell us what you found…