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Games, sorting, remembering and making…

Tuesday, 14 January 2020

Acers had a wonderful morning, proving how  much they had learnt and remembered from last week’s session.

We started off with a number line activity…everyone decided which numbers they should stand in front of…depending on how many forest animals they thought they could name. We tested them out and the children were surprisingly accurate!

Then we looked again at all the animal pictures and recapped the names of their homes. Next we sorted the habitats into 3 groups-underground, on the  ground and above the ground…

Next we played the circle game introduced last week…making it a  little harder this week by calling out the names of the homes (den/warren/nest/sett etc) instead of the animal names. Acers had to look at their picture and respond to their home by running around the outside of the circle. They really enjoyed playing this game and showed us how well they are learning this new information, by responding correctly and at times very quickly!

Then we headed back to the log circle to listen to a story-‘The Best Nest’. You can listen to it here…

We looked at a real nest that had been made by a robin, and decided to have a go at making some nests ourselves. We worked together to find small sticks to make a nest shape on the ground…

The robin loved his comfy nest, complete with soft leaves to line the bottom

These boys worked really well together to make a spectacular nest, complete with a door, a long stick at the side to guard it and upright sticks around the edge to protect it!

Well done Acers…what a brilliant morning we all had.


Acers Habitat Trail

Tuesday, 7 January 2020

It was Acers first time out in Forest School today, and they worked super hard learning the names of lots of woodland creatures…and also the names of their homes. They searched high and low around the site, looking for pictures of different animals and then matched them to pictures of different animal homes and habitats.

Back in the log circle we all practised naming the animal homes…we made funny actions to help us remember and we all called out as loud as we could!

Fox-Den…Rabbit-Warren…Badger-Sett…Squirrel-Drey…Mouse-Burrow…Bird-Nest…Worm-Soil and so on!

Then we played a circle game-we all chose an animal card and listened as Mrs Smith called out different animal names (then afterwards, the name of the animal homes.) Everyone listened carefully for their animal or animal home…and ran round the outside of the circle when the name matched their picture. It was great fun! And everyone tried very hard to remember this new information.

Acers really enjoyed their independent explorations of our site too…

And they were brilliant at choosing and completing their own sentences during our reflection time…“I was  good at finding all the different animals” “I liked it when we played the game” “I was happy when I made my own animal home” “Next time I want to go on the skateboard swing”

Well done Acers…what a lovely start to the new term.

Hot Chocolate Forest School style

Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Acers had their last Forest School session this week. We were sad to say goodbye, but had a great time making the most of our last time in the fire circle. We used the kelly kettle to make our hot chocolate for snack time. And enjoyed all sorts of activities during the morning.

Marshmallow smores…

Tuesday, 5 February 2019

Acers worked together to help make a fire today…this week we used some bigger logs so that we had enough heat to toast marshmallows. Everyone enjoyed taking part, and the end result of a marshmallow squashed between two biscuits was delicious!

We all took turns to put on the fire gloves and add some sticks to the fire bowl.

Once all the  logs were on, we stood a little closer to warm up our hands…

Then we used long sticks to toast our marshmallows

Eating them was the best bit!

Tuesday, 29 January 2019

All the children in Acers are taking turns to learn how to build a fire and practice how to light it. This lovely group of 3 were very excited to have their turn  today, and not only listened very carefully, but also remembered and told the  rest of the class the 3 principles of fire lighting at the end of the session.

Sorting sticks from the thinnest to the thickest

The children worked together to find and sort sticks for the fire, then carefully added them a few at a time. We enjoyed warming our hands up and  watching the sticks change colour and shape.


The rest of the class were busy too…measuring length and time.

We found a long stick then a shorter stick…and added shorter and shorter ones each time to make this pattern

Acers ace morning

Tuesday, 22 January 2019

Another lovely morning for Acers class today…fire lighting, creating, working together, learning and discovering!

Learning what sticks to use, and how to sort them…

What a lot of fun we had whilst learning…!


Acers Week 2

Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Acers have settled brilliantly into Forest School sessions…they are really enjoying their time out in the woods!

Today, whilst some of the children started learning how to use the fire strikers and how to build a small fire, the rest of the class got down to some fabulous outdoor maths activities with their class staff. One group made clocks, one did a counting activity and the other spent their time learning about length. What a great way to learn!

Fire lighting 

This small group learnt the principles of fire making-heat, air and fuel. They learnt how to use a fire striker safely to make a spark (heat), practised pulling up strands of a cotton-pad to incorporate air inside, and then lit it using the striker. Once they’d mastered how to do this, they worked together to build a small fire and add sticks (fuel) to keep it going. They were very proud of themselves and so they should be! They worked well together, and listened to and followed all the safety instructions they were given.

Measuring long and short

Making a clock

Counting, 1:1 correspondence, ordering numbers


Welcome to a new term of Forest School

Wednesday, 9 January 2019

It has been good to be back outside this week, enjoying all that Forest School has to offer.

Acers class started their half-term of sessions by working together in teams to play some thinking games. They were given a secret word, which they had to describe not with words-but by using things they found on the forest floor. They did a great job!

They explored the site, allowing the new children to get to know and enjoy the different areas.

Oaks and Firs started their sessions off with a nature trail. They looked for pictures of animals and plants hidden in the woods on the way to the log circle. Some children chose to go back later during the session to find them again and to match them up to a base board of pictures. (click to enlarge the pictures)

We did some counting and matching as we played in the mud kitchen, explored scientifically with pulleys and weights, tested our balance and confidence by climbing into the new hammocks and had a  wonderful time playing in our fabulous newly donated house! (thank you so much to Grace’s mummy and daddy) It’s proving to be very popular…and we discovered that with a bit of a squeeze we can all fit inside together…which may prove handy for those unexpected downpours!



Squashy Marshmallows toasted over the fire

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Acers and Willows enjoyed helping to make a fire last week, then toasting marshmallows over the embers and squashing them between two biscuits! They remembered all of the safety rules first, then took turns to use the fire striker to create a spark, to add some sticks to the fire and then to cook their marshmallow.

Beautiful colours…and worms and mud!

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Acers and Willows have had a lovely, and productive week out in the woods. They’ve continued their work on Autumnal colours, this time hunting for and matching different colours and shades. We hope that you enjoy looking at and discussing these with the children when they bring them home to you.

We were busy feeding the birds again too! This  week, making sticky seed filled pine cones, which are now hanging up for the birds to enjoy.

The ropes proved to be a real hit last week, so we bought them out again to see how else the children could use them. There was a huge amount of creativity, partner work, co-operation, discussion…and lots of fun going on!

Lastly, Willows worked really well together to find lots of worms in our digging pit, then made a wormery, layering mud and sand and topping off with leaves and a few drops of water. They will be watching how  the worms move through the soil over the next week. And Acers made mud paint, and decorated the trees with patterns, letters, pictures and splatters!