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Archive for May, 2016

Willows’ super string creations…and flower art

Thursday, 26 May 2016

In our story, Superworm is a super-hero who not only rescues and helps his friends, but also finds lots of ways of playing with them…

superwormsuperworm 2

Today, Willows class tried to recreate some of Superworm’s super ideas.

We made fishing rods and enjoyed catching pine cone fish…and using the rods to ‘fish’in the forest!P1120612P1120619P1120618P1120621

We used the rope to pull and to lift like a crane…just like Superworm did in the story…and enjoyed using the Superworm swing!


We also made some beautiful natural art using different coloured flowers, which we crushed between folded paper, to make one of Superworm’s friends-Butterfly.



Wow, Wow WOW!

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

…is what the adults kept saying all morning, at the wonderfully creative ideas Maples class demonstrated!

Last week, while investigating with buckets and ropes during our ‘make a well’ challenge, the children showed a real interest in using the ropes. So this week, the ropes came back out, and they were given the task of creating something using both ropes and sticks. Look at all the brilliant ideas…


Hold on tight! Ready to go water skiing…without getting wet!


A weight lifting device…


Lots of fun was had, pulling this very heavy log along the forest floor…it made a great path clearer!

Here is our very own super-hero ‘spiderboy’…using his rope to swing from tree to tree and shooting spider-webs from his wrists!


Next we have Mr. Resilient…who spent almost the whole morning trying out different ways of making his zip wire work. After moving to different trees, tying the rope at different heights and trying out different seats, he finally got it working!And gave us a huge cheers from the rest of the class!


A wonderful example here of a kind caring young lady, who thought about what her classmate would like to play with. Firstly she used some sticks to bounce on the rope and sing to her friend…then added saucepans to create their own forest drum kit! The sound of sweet music could be heard from afar!



Time for a ride on the forest roller coaster!

Anyone for fishing? You catch some great things in Langley Forest School! And how about trying out the new saw…keep pulling back and forth and the tree will eventually fall down!


And last but by no means least-a lot of hard work, time and effort, resulted in this lovely campfire cooking station…with sausages and bugs ready to be fried over the fire! P1120605

What a busy morning…Maples also managed to complete their mini-beast wood cookies. They listened carefully to the tool talk, and used the drill safely and sensibly…to make a hole and thread a pipe cleaner through, ready to hang up at home.



Oaks and Firs- Bottle the Forest!

Monday, 23 May 2016

A lovely morning with Group 2 children from Oaks and Firs class…who enjoyed gathering interesting items from the forest floor, to make their own Forest Sensory Bottle.IMG_0510IMG_0525


We were feeling rather adventurous this morning! Look at how well children were able to investigate the forest floor, balance, climb, sit up high and jump down…all with big smiles on their faces!




Willows Work together

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

In the story ‘Superworm’, which we are using as a stimulus this term, all the creatures work together to defeat Wizard Lizard.

Today, Willows remembered the story, and worked together too…to create a large woolen web. We sang a song as we wrapped a ball of wool around us, before throwing it across the circle to a friend…until everyone was joined together!


Then everyone chose what they wanted to do…some worked hard on creating a pine cone creature…one little boy in particular was very proud of his work…and carried it around with him for most of the morning!P1120505P1120518IMG_0494IMG_0485

Elsewhere, children were discovering the wells made by yesterday’s group. They enjoyed playing with them, and two  very clever children were able to copy the design and make their own.


Also, the buckets and ropes  were put to good use…and a throwing game was developed and enjoyed.P1120492P1120494P1120496P1120497P1120498P1120515P1120516

Back in Hollies, this week’s Forest School Superstars received their well-deserved medals.



Buckets, wells, and mini-beast wood-cookies

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Maples had a wonderful morning! They worked hard, co-operated, were very creative and produced some great work.

We started off thinking about the part of the Superworm story where Beetle falls down the well…superworm-prv-4-983743 well…and then Mrs. Smith set a challenge to make mini wells in the digging pit. The results were brilliant! But the resilience, the thinking, the trying out and the persistence in the task was even more wonderful to see. As Ruby told us…”It was really hard, but I did it!”


We also investigated with buckets…and through their play the children discovered (and really enjoyed trying out) different ways of moving the bucket up and down, how to use different speeds,  what happened when we let go of the rope, whether  being further away or closer made a difference, what happened when they added or removed heavier items to/from the buckets, how to work together to lift heavier objects


…and how to be creative and use other resources to join in and extend the game!


Lastly, we continued to learn about mini-beasts…this week choosing a mini-beast to draw onto a wood-cookie. Maples will be using a drill next week to make a hole in their wood-cookie…they are very much looking forward to this!


Willow’s muddy morning

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

It was another wet rainy day today…but it didn’t stop Willows class having a great time! We started off our morning thinking about the creatures in our ‘Superworm’ story…then were lucky enough to spot one of them on the way into the site. We looked closely at the snail and discussed how it managed to climb up the tree without falling off! Archie decided to make the snail he’d seen. And other children made a selection of other mini-beasts and animals.



As always with this class-the mud kitchen was busy!IMG_0439 IMG_0445IMG_0450

And there was some lovely investigation going on elsewhere…


‘What happens when I spin this wheel…?’


‘…and where will this leaf go if I balance it on top, then spin…?’


Maples make a wormery…and more

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Today Maples found out lots of facts about worms. You can see what they learnt here…The world of worms PDF

Outside, they worked together to create a wormery, by layering soil and sand in our special worm house.P1120345P1120349P1120361P1120368P1120388

They then found and added our very own ‘superworms’ from our digging pit…and after learning about the worm’s anatomy, some children were able to identify the head and the smooth clitellum (where baby worms are produced)  Some children were keen to hold the worms for a short time…and were quite fascinated in watching them squirm.P1120384P1120400P1120395P1120352

When the wormery was complete, we remembered to spray a little water on top to keep the soil damp and added some leaves and food scraps on top. The worms will now drag these down into the soil. We’re looking forward to watching this over the next few weeks. P1120407P1120412P1120411P1120416

Some children were very creative today. They too worked together to make some of the Superworm story characters out of natural resources from the forest floor. Look how great these ‘pictures’ are…We have a caterpillar, a worm, a butterfly, a beetle and a spider! P1120372P1120383P1120355P1120404P1120406P1120366P1120347

Hungry Caterpillars, by Oaks and Firs

Monday, 9 May 2016

Group 1 from Oaks and Firs had a wonderful morning making and feeding their hungry caterpillars! First, they searched the forest to find a coloured caterpillar body…P1120146P1120147

Then they found a stick to twist it around…then added a head. The children were very proud of their efforts!


Next, we looked at the new painted stones Mrs. Smith had made for the mud kitchen. Lots of them had featured in the Hungry Caterpillar story…and the children thoroughly enjoyed using them to make lots of delicious Caterpillar meals!






Our Wonderful Wednesday Gang

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

The last 2 weeks…1 cold day and 1 sunny! No matter what the weather, Wednesday afternoons are always busy and always lovely! Look at our bird feeders, climbing, weaving, stick craft, and sensory mud play…


Willows’ Bug Cafe!

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Willows just LOVE using the mud kitchen! Today they selected a mini-beast to make a meal for…then chose from a range of ‘ingredients’.


Some of the dishes on the menu today included slug stew, ant pie and beetle cake


Meet the renamed Mr Mud! He was so busy stirring and mixing, that even his glasses got splashed in sloppy mud!


Willows children also enjoyed more bug hunting-catching lots of very big beetles today, ‘forest painting’ with coloured mud and using the mini-beast picture cards which they found buried in the digging pit last week…this time they took turns to bury them for their friends to find.


These children enjoyed climbing…hiding…and relaxing in the sunshine. What a great spot for sunbathing!