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Willows Dig and Paint!

Friday, 30 September 2016

There was lots of learning and fun to be had out at Forest School this week with Willows class. The children chose from different activities related to our story…they enjoyed exploring the digging pit to find hidden pictures of the Room On The Broom characters. Once found, they matched them to one of 3 baseboards. Not only did they discover the witch, dragon, frog, dog and cat…but a few worms too along the way!


Also on offer, was making magical forest paint. Willows children chose something to squash (blackberries and mud made great colours!) then mixed in some water, before choosing a story picture to paint.


(Sorry-more pictures hopefully coming soon. Having a few technical hitches with the rest of the photo’s!)

Cedars- Busy with blackberries!

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Last week Cedars foraged like Vikings! They picked and ate blackberries…and as we had some left over, we decided to see what else we could use them for.

Cedars learnt that Vikings used natural dyes to colour the clothes they made…so were set the challenge of finding a way to make their own dye using the blackberries (and anything else they could find from our Forest School site.)

They weren’t given any guidance…just challenged to use their own ideas and to find ways of transferring different colours onto a square of white cotton. There was lots of experimentation going on…


The children used stones, sticks, their fingers and brushes to create the dye… Some tied stones into their cloth to see what would happen…


Some children explored the site for different ways of creating colours. They were ingenious! They used tree trunks, rotting logs, mud, acorns, crushed berries, moss and leaves.


As everyone was enjoying creating colours so much, we decided to get a large sheet of cotton and do some more! We decided it would make a brilliant sail for a Viking Longship! Someone suggested placing an acorn and some leaves inside the cloth and hitting it with a stone…we made some great prints, but the children decided that it was really hard work…and a little bit dangerous for their fingers. They were all very keen to finish the sail, but decided to wait until next week, so Mrs. Smith could bring out some hammers  to bash the leaves instead of using stones.


“I know…let’s make a massive Longship in the forest” said Thomas. “It’ll take us lots of days to make it” replied Brandon…”We’ll do it as  team” suggested Anthony. “And finish the sail and put it on” said Noman. So-that’s our plan for next time!

Choice time after snack was fabulous! One team worked together to hunt for Viking treasures…and they were delighted when they found GOLD! Elsewhere there was a lot of cooperation and problem solving going on around the climbing tree…which was a little out of reach for someone…who very cleverly found a way to help himself and his friend up! And lastly, a discovery team worked together to find and identify bugs and some strange looking fungi.

p1140482p1140493p1140491p1140488 p1140494p1140495p1140472p1140471p1140496p1140481p1140502

Willows find a little ‘Room on The Broom’

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Today Willows class were introduced to the story ‘Room on the Broom’. You can watch the story here…

Each of the children chose a  story character, and were set the challenge of hunting through the forest to find the matching hidden picture.


They were also challenged to find something interesting to bring back to the log circle…we were presented with a selection of treasures such as spiky leaves, a straight stick, another stick that looked like the letter ‘r’, a feather and an acorn.


In the mud kitchen, a delicious meal was cooked for the witch (gloopy mud cake), the dog (a stick pie), the cat (a mix of acorns and mud), the frog (stones and mud) and the bird (a mixture of everything)  p1140410


Later on, we all worked together to make a fabulous broomstick on the ground! Everyone helped to collect sticks and lay them together…and one of the children suggested adding seats, just like the ones on the witch’s ‘truly magnificent broom’.


Cedars go foraging like Vikings!

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

What a fantastic morning! Cedars were met by the new Viking Chief, who explained that the viking villagers were hungry and thirsty and needed a snack. The village people were relying on their hunting skills…so Cedars were set the task of foraging the grounds for food.

One of our Vikings suggested blackberries, so off we went to find some…


Viking Chief explained howto identify blackberries and talked about how to keep safe while foraging. We had to be very careful of the prickly stems!p1140347p1140350p1140351p1140353

We also found a few other interesting things along the way…


These red berries were found on the ground.

p1140356p1140355The Viking hunters knew they weren’t blackberries, but weren’t sure what they could be. Guesses included apples, tomatoes, peppers and holly berries, but Viking Chief led them on a trail to find the tree they came from and helped them to look closely at the tree and leaf shape . The Vikings learnt that they were berries from a Rowan tree.

Once we’d collected enough blackberries, we washed them and had a taste…some children for the very first time. There were thumbs up all round for our juicy blackberries.


Next, Viking Chief introduced the Kelly Kettle…and explained how making a fire in the bowl and placing the kettle on top, would give us hot water to make a drink of hot chocolate.  The vikings set off to forage for wood, then the fire was lit. Once we could see steam coming out the spout, we knew the water was hot. Hot chocolate has never tasted as good as it did today!

p1140368p1140372p1140374p1140379 p1140380p1140385p1140386

And as we had blackberries left, we decided to use them as face paint to mark us as true Forest School Vikings!





Welcome back to Forest School!

Thursday, 15 September 2016

It’s lovely to be back in the woods this week, introducing two new classes to Langley Forest School….especially as we’ve had such beautiful weather to be outside in!

For the first sessions, we enjoyed exploring the site-and introducing all the different areas to those children who are new to Forest School. We looked at the Forest School Rules…and discussed how we could follow them.


We learnt how to respond to the safety call of ‘STICKY ELBOWS’ and enjoyed discovering, playing games, climbing, balancing, digging, bug hunting, swinging, cooking, stone sorting, working together with our friends…and hot chocolate and a snack around the log circle!