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No Obstacle for Halifax Bank! (Or Willows class)

Thursday, 20 October 2016

We were very happy this week, to welcome back the team from Halifax Bank, who first came last year to offer a days help in setting up our Forest School site. This time, they helped to put together our exciting new Forest Obstacle Course!

Look at what they helped us to achieve…



The Team!

The next day, Willows class were very excited to be the first class to use the course…

Firstly, they balanced along the beams…then chose between stepping over/in the tyres or choosing the other direction and stepping over the ropes then crawling under the scramble net.


Next they went up and over the climbing frame…this was difficult. But with real determination, they made it!p1140782p1140778p1140790

Then it was on to the stepping stumps, through the enormous tractor tyre and a big climb up onto the ‘I DID IT’ winners podium! As soon as they had completed the course, they went back and did it again and again. A great time was had by all…thank-you from us all to the fabulous Halifax team!



Nests and Seeds!

Thursday, 13 October 2016

In our story, “Room on the Broom”, the witch created a ‘marvellous broomstick’ with a special nest for her friend, the bird….so we decided to help out and look after the birds at Langley too!

Mrs Smith showed us two real birds nests…one had two blue eggs inside. We looked at the shape, at how they had been made and what the birds had used.


One of our challenges today, was to make our own nest. Anyone who managed it, got to squeeze the special soft bird and listen to her singing…and of course, she visited and sat in each completed nest.

p1140736p1140751p1140755p1140737 p1140741p1140752p1140754

Our other challenge was to make a bird feeder. As with the nest building, there was a huge amount of focus, concentration, co-operation and thought going on. Well done Willows! Our Forest School birds will be happy all week with their treats!

p1140735img_1476386382000_1img_1476386383000_2img_1476386383000_3 p1140771p1140760p1140766

Sailing away in our Viking Longship…

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Another fun filled and exciting morning for our Vikings in Cedars class! They worked really well together to finish their Longship and by the end of the morning it looked fantastic…and was ready to sail on it’s first adventure!


The boys made chalk paint and decorated their dragons head with it.


They also finished their sail. Once it’s dry, we will hang it up on the ship’s mast.


The seats were added, floor swept, oars found and placed ready and then Cedars set off together on a Viking raid! It was VERY noisy! And lots of fun. The children even made up their own raiding song, warning the Anglo-Saxons that they were on their way…!



I wonder if real Vikings had hot chocolate and biscuits in their Longships?!



Funny footprints!

Thursday, 6 October 2016

When Willows class arrived today, they found some strange footprints! They worked together to identify them and found that the footprints belonged to a frog, a cat and a bird…maybe the ones from our story?

As the children had so much fun last week making their own mud paint, we decided to make some more! They mixed up soil and water into a thick paste and experimented with our animal footprint sponges.


And after making lots of animal footprints, we decided to make our own too!


A Viking Longship takes shape…

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

We had a very small group today as over half of Cedars class were out playing football at Villa…but WOW-how hard these 5 boys worked! And what a lot they accomplished.

Firstly, we cut open the string that had been tied around the stones on our large piece of cloth…we had dyed it with blackberries in the previous session. The patterns were beautiful.

We’d decided last week to use different leaves, flowers and berries to add more colours to the cloth. And had decided that it should be a Viking sail! So today we learnt how to safely use a hammer…and then bashed lots of different colours and patterns into the sail.


Then we set to work on the Longship…the children had some brilliant ideas. They found a tree that would make a great mast, then worked together to clear a space around it. They carried logs and sticks together and made the shape of their ship.

More and more sticks were added to build up the sides, and a great suggestion was made- to add a dragons head to the prow (front) of the ship. Look at the fire coming out of the dragons mouth! The group decided that the head needed to be orange and next week we will make some special paint to add to their creation.

We can’t wait to show what we did to the rest of Cedars next week…and to continue to use all the children’s brilliant ideas to complete the Longship.