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Archive for April, 2017

Forest Fun for Foundation Group 1

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

(Please click the photos to enlarge them)

Group 1 from Oaks and Firs had a lovely introduction to Forest School this morning.

They wrapped up warm as it was a cold day, and set off to explore each area of our site. First stop was the balancing tree…everyone had a go at walking across the long tree trunk. It was a little wobbly in places, but everyone managed to balance-some with a helping hand and some on their own.

Next we explored the weaving frame, the swing and the climbing tree…then chose which one to play on.

Then we walked further on, to find the rope bridge, the balance scales and the digging pit…we had a great time digging together and finding creatures. We also discovered that the mud kitchen is lots of fun!

After a drink and snack, we looked at where our Forest School area finished and where we must stop. Then enjoyed trying out the obstacle course.

Well done Oaks and Firs for being so enthusiastic, polite and happy…we all had a lovely morning introducing you to Langley Forest School.

Welcome to Forest School Beeches…

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

(Please click the photos to enlarge them)

Beeches class began their term of Forest School on Tuesday…and what a great morning we had!

Firstly, we looked at our Forest School Rules and discussed them.

Then we set off to explore the site, playing in different areas and talking about how to be safe whilst doing so. The children enjoyed using the digging pit, mud kitchen, obstacle course, ropes, swing and some of the children tried out our new balancing tree.

Then it was story time…Beeches listened carefully to the story of ‘The Gruffalo’. You can listen to the story here.

Mrs. Smith told us that she’d heard lots of strange animal sounds in the forest…and that she wondered if the purple things she’d spotted this morning, were in fact Gruffalo prickles! We were very excited about going on a Gruffalo prickle hunt! Everyone looked high and low until we had all got 2 purple (wool!) prickles each.

Then we chose a friend to work with. We twisted our 2 prickles together and tied them, to make  a special purple ‘Gruffalo-Gang’ Band!

After hot chocolate and a biscuit, there were lots more interesting things to discover! Rachel was really excited to have found two Gruffalo teeth in the digging pit! She showed her friends and soon there were lots of people hunting for more teeth…

Elsewhere, there were lots of meals being created in the mud kitchen…cookies for the mouse, snake stew and Gruffalo crumble!

What a lovely first session. And Beeches have come up with some great ideas for next week using the Gruffalo teeth they found. Watch this space!


Fun by the fire…

Saturday, 1 April 2017

Two lovely last days for both Larches and Maples…with a special treat of marshmallow smores, toasted over the fire!

First…everyone had a turn at using the flint and steel to make a spark and to try to light the fire.

Once it was going and we had added tinder and kindling, everyone took turns to add sticks to the fire.

We waited for the flames to die down, then toasted marshmallows over the hot embers…and really enjoyed eating them between two biscuits!

Thank-you Maples and Larches for a lovely term…it’s been a pleasure working with you all.