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Archive for October, 2017

Celebration Day…dragons and noodles!

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Today was multicultural celebration day across the school. Every class rotated around school and got involved in preparing and tasting foods from around the world, and in creating crafts related to each country.

Whilst others focussed on Italian, French, Indian and Greek foods, in Forest School we talked about Chinese food.

Cooking Chinese noodles was great fun! We learnt how to use the fire striker to create a spark to light the fire. Then we used the Kelly Kettle to heat water, by making a fire in the special bowl, and placing the kettle on top. We took turns to carefully add sticks to the fire.

Once the water had boiled, Mrs. Smith poured it onto the noodles…they were delicious! Some of us tried eating them with chopsticks.

We also worked together to make this amazing Chinese Dragon, using different coloured leaves. We were very proud of how fantastic he looked!


A home for leaf man and friends

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Look what the children discovered tucked into a tree stump as they walked¬† through the woods this week…

We have some very thoughtful and helpful children here at Langley School…and they were keen to help Leaf Man and his Stick friends. They quickly set about finding a spot to build a house and started to collect together what they needed. It was great to see them figuring out how to make the sticks balance and stay in the ground, and working together in collaboration with their friends.

Here they are, hard at work…




Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf, Green and Brown…

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

This week, both classes played a game called ‘I am the Wind’. The children pretended to be leaves, listening carefully to ‘the wind’, and running around the outside of the circle whenever it blew them (…I am the wind, I blow the leaves, Now I’m blowing leaves who are wearing red/have glasses/with black hair etc)

Activities on offer today included leaf threading. The children chose a pattern using colour, shape or size, and threaded the leaves together…

Leaf pictures were enjoyed by everyone…especially as we made our own mud paint!

And as always, there was opportunity for the children to choose and to be creative. One group of children worked together using up their leftover mud paint to make a lighthouse! Conkers, acorns and pine cones were used to make patterns and pictures and for filling and emptying, and different areas of the site were explored and enjoyed.