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Foundation Group 1…wiggly worms

Thursday, 26 April 2018

This week, Group 1 from Oaks and Firs had their first Forest School session of the year. They had a lovely time exploring and using the site, and enjoyed finding the ‘wiggly worms’ hidden around the area.

Once they’d found a ‘worm’, the children looked around for a suitable stick to wrap it around…there was lots of discussion about whether the stick should be long or short, thick or thin, bumpy or straight…but everyone chose their own perfect stick.

Wrapping the ‘worm’ around the stick was tricky, but with a bit of practice, we had excellent results…  

Later on, we looked in the digging pit for real worms, and found LOTS! The children were fascinated and learnt how to carefully hold the worms on the palm of their hand. Even those who were a little unsure at first, were soon keen to feel and observe the worms as they curled, twisted and slithered across their hands. Well done Group 1…we were very impressed!


Lots of fun was had during the morning, including cooking in the mud kitchen, using the obstacle course, investigating with the balance scales, climbing…and this lovely kind sharing on the swing!

NEW LIFE…and new things!

Sunday, 22 April 2018

What a beautiful sunny start to the new term! Everything is springing into life-have a look at some of the exciting things happening in our garden…

We had a lovely surprise when we got back to school-Mrs Smith had discovered frogspawn in the pond over the  holiday, and when Beeches looked, they saw that tadpoles had hatched. There were lots and lots! We looked closely at their long tails and enjoyed seeing them swimming around.

More exciting news…the blue tits had finished building their nest. Beeches watched the live footage and one of the Bird Box videos on the ipad, and then sat in the birdhide, trying to spot the birds coming in and out of the nesting box. Even more exciting…we’ve since found an egg in the nest, and are expecting an egg a day for the next week or more.

The children also looked at the plants and flowers that were beginning to grow in the wildflower meadow. They helped to sow some more bee friendly seeds and then gave them plenty of water.

We’ll be checking on the progress of the tadpoles, the eggs and of course the wildflowers in the coming weeks…watch this space.


Lastly, a massive THANK-YOU to Claire at Myths and Magical Things, who has very kindly donated these beautiful fairy doors to Langley School. Our new doors will be finding their way into the Forest School site during the term…I wonder who will discover them first…?


Bird Box News!

Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Last week, we were all very excited to see that the Langley Bird Box had been occupied! Many of the classrooms were watching it all happening on the smart-boards, via our YouTube live stream. Seeing our lovely little bird building and arranging her nest has been fascinating. You can check out the live feed (and videos) using this link. 

And here are a couple of videos from today…