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Archive for January, 2019

Bird feeders on a chilly day…

Thursday, 31 January 2019

It’s been a super chilly week again! With below freezing conditions, we decided that for this week, we would stay inside. But we managed to get out briefly to hang out our fabulous hand-made bird feeders.

We started off our session by watching lots of garden birds on the whiteboard-we enjoyed watching them flying in to eat some seeds. We set about making our own seed feeders and cheerios rings…

The children concentrated brilliantly with their threading and twisting, mixing and patting down…and were excited to choose where to hang their feeders. In the afternoon, we stood at the door and watched the birds as they flew into the dell to investigate their new food!

We also really enjoyed investigating and experimenting with different fir cones and sticks. We used wool to wrap around the cones and hang them from the sticks.


Tuesday, 29 January 2019

All the children in Acers are taking turns to learn how to build a fire and practice how to light it. This lovely group of 3 were very excited to have their turn  today, and not only listened very carefully, but also remembered and told the  rest of the class the 3 principles of fire lighting at the end of the session.

Sorting sticks from the thinnest to the thickest

The children worked together to find and sort sticks for the fire, then carefully added them a few at a time. We enjoyed warming our hands up and  watching the sticks change colour and shape.


The rest of the class were busy too…measuring length and time.

We found a long stick then a shorter stick…and added shorter and shorter ones each time to make this pattern

A snowy day…

Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Today was too good an opportunity to miss! So we wrapped up warm and set off to explore Langley grounds…and what a fantastic time we all had!

Acers ace morning

Tuesday, 22 January 2019

Another lovely morning for Acers class today…fire lighting, creating, working together, learning and discovering!

Learning what sticks to use, and how to sort them…

What a lot of fun we had whilst learning…!


Digging for numbers…

Wednesday, 16 January 2019

What a muddy fun-filled day for Oaks and Firs! In the digging pit today, we found lots of numbers buried in the soil. After lots of digging and searching (and discovering a few worms along the way), we matched, and named the  numbers and counted out different amounts of conkers and fir cones.

Acers Week 2

Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Acers have settled brilliantly into Forest School sessions…they are really enjoying their time out in the woods!

Today, whilst some of the children started learning how to use the fire strikers and how to build a small fire, the rest of the class got down to some fabulous outdoor maths activities with their class staff. One group made clocks, one did a counting activity and the other spent their time learning about length. What a great way to learn!

Fire lighting 

This small group learnt the principles of fire making-heat, air and fuel. They learnt how to use a fire striker safely to make a spark (heat), practised pulling up strands of a cotton-pad to incorporate air inside, and then lit it using the striker. Once they’d mastered how to do this, they worked together to build a small fire and add sticks (fuel) to keep it going. They were very proud of themselves and so they should be! They worked well together, and listened to and followed all the safety instructions they were given.

Measuring long and short

Making a clock

Counting, 1:1 correspondence, ordering numbers


Welcome to a new term of Forest School

Wednesday, 9 January 2019

It has been good to be back outside this week, enjoying all that Forest School has to offer.

Acers class started their half-term of sessions by working together in teams to play some thinking games. They were given a secret word, which they had to describe not with words-but by using things they found on the forest floor. They did a great job!

They explored the site, allowing the new children to get to know and enjoy the different areas.

Oaks and Firs started their sessions off with a nature trail. They looked for pictures of animals and plants hidden in the woods on the way to the log circle. Some children chose to go back later during the session to find them again and to match them up to a base board of pictures. (click to enlarge the pictures)

We did some counting and matching as we played in the mud kitchen, explored scientifically with pulleys and weights, tested our balance and confidence by climbing into the new hammocks and had a  wonderful time playing in our fabulous newly donated house! (thank you so much to Grace’s mummy and daddy) It’s proving to be very popular…and we discovered that with a bit of a squeeze we can all fit inside together…which may prove handy for those unexpected downpours!