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Archive for February, 2019

Hammer Time!!

Wednesday, 27 February 2019

It was another lovely sunny day in Forest School today. We gathered as always in the  log circle to look at what we could do…

Whilst the sun shone, we look the opportunity to sit quietly, listen carefully and practise using the hammer to tap nails into a big slice of wood. We started off by remembering how and where to hold the hammer, naming the  handle, the  head and the claw of the hammer.

We used a special glove on our helper hand and carefully tapped in the nails. Then we chose a band to stretch beween two nails…

What great work! Also on offer today was a building challenge, using lots of small wood slices. The children stacked, built bridges, made a wood sandwich and counted and sorted them…

…and we bug hunted, shared the hammock, and enjoyed every minute on our time in the woods!


Welcome Rowans!

Wednesday, 27 February 2019

What a beautiful sunny start to Forest School for Rowans class yesterday! As we had some new children who’ve never been out to our Forest School site before, we decided to start the morning with our Forest School safety rules and then played an exploring game. We moved between the different areas, selecting things to make a big group picture on the  ground. We started with ‘something near to the tyre swing’, and put all the things we found in the  centre of our picture.

Next we looked down by the fire circle for ‘something hard’, then we found ‘something green’.

The last part of our  picture used ‘something big’! We worked together to find and carry big logs and a big tyre. We were all proud of our fabulous natural artwork.

The rest of the  morning was spent exploring, investigating…and having a lovely time with our friends…we saw builders fixing the roof of the playhouse, lovely turn taking in the hammock, sharing on the swing, caring for creatures by returning them to where they were found, and an amazing meal made of mud!

A home for mouse and friends…

Wednesday, 13 February 2019

What a surprise it was when we found a little mouse in a lovely little house, out in the woods this morning. We looked at his house and at all of his animal friends, then some of the children chose to make their own house for one of the toy animals…

We thought that mouse might be hungry…so collected and talked about the tiny things that he might like to eat…

As always, there was lots going on around the site. Take a look…

Hot Chocolate Forest School style

Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Acers had their last Forest School session this week. We were sad to say goodbye, but had a great time making the most of our last time in the fire circle. We used the kelly kettle to make our hot chocolate for snack time. And enjoyed all sorts of activities during the morning.


Tuesday, 5 February 2019

Oaks and Firs had such a lovely time this week, flexing their muscles and using ropes to pull different sized logs and tyres along the ground. Some were heavier than others…and some needed a friend or two to lend a helping hand!

We  tried pulling one after another and thought and talked about which one was heavier. We shared, we helped one another, we worked hard and we used our imaginations…

We also listened (with excitement!) to the birds singing in the trees, Enjoyed exploring, climbing and jumping, and waited patiently for turns on the swing. All in all, a happy fun filled day in the woods.

Marshmallow smores…

Tuesday, 5 February 2019

Acers worked together to help make a fire today…this week we used some bigger logs so that we had enough heat to toast marshmallows. Everyone enjoyed taking part, and the end result of a marshmallow squashed between two biscuits was delicious!

We all took turns to put on the fire gloves and add some sticks to the fire bowl.

Once all the  logs were on, we stood a little closer to warm up our hands…

Then we used long sticks to toast our marshmallows

Eating them was the best bit!