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Archive for April, 2019


Tuesday, 30 April 2019

It’s Beeches turn for Forest School this term, and they were super excited to be out in our woods!

We started our session in the log circle with the story of Superworm. You can watch the story being read here…

After hearing the story, Beeches class looked all around the site, independently finding and naming the creatures from the story…

We gathered together and talked about the features of all the creatures. We discussed whether they had legs (and if so how many), learning that all insects have 6 legs. We talked about how they moved, who had wings, and learnt the special name for a spider-an arachnid- which we’re hoping someone might remember next week!

Then we chose a creature and worked independently or with a friend, to make these AMAZING forest art pictures. Look at how great they are…

A beautiful butterfly…

A brilliant beetle…

A super spider

More beautiful butterflies

And a spectacular spider and snail

We also found our own super worms and a flying insect-both of which seemed happy to say hello. 



Thursday, 11 April 2019

Hapa-zome is a Japanese word meaning ‘leaf dye’ and is given to the process of transferring the natural pigments from leaves and flowers onto fabric or paper to create an image.

Firs and Oaks really enjoyed using the hammer to create beautiful pictures made of flowers, leaves and grasses. They concentrated really well, looked carefully at what they were doing , were fascinated with the end results…and were excited to take them home to show their parents!

We also did a little bit of counting and sorting, used the ropes imaginatively, did some finding and collecting, climbed and explored, used the  hammocks, used creativity with natural resources (making a gate to enter/leave an area!) and helped our friends. All in all, a perfect Forest School day.

Rowans special treat

Tuesday, 9 April 2019

As it was the last day for Rowans class today, we had two special treats…toasting marshmallows over the fire, followed by an Easter egg hunt!

First we watched Mrs Smith build the fire, talking about all the different thicknesses and types of wood. Then we learnt how to use the fire striker…

Then Mrs Smith lit the fire and we all helped to add a stick…

Once the fire had died down, we used the embers to toast our marshmallows…

We enjoyed squashing them between two biscuits…they were delicious! Before we started our egg hunt, we put out the fire to make sure everything was left safely…

Forest Music…

Thursday, 4 April 2019

Before we headed out to the woods today, we stopped off in Butter-Bee gardens to check in on the tadpoles we discovered recently in the pond. It was very exciting to see them swimming!

Today we used natural resources to make forest school shakers. We had such fun making and playing with them

When we’d made our shakers, we hung them up…and listened to all the different sounds as we played with them.

What clever children we have! Today we saw a super climber, an adventurer, a collector and an artist.

This little man loved looking at the tadpoles…and he was really keen to see the ‘mummy frog’. Although we didn’t spot the frog…he made up for this by creating his own frog from soil, sticks stones and a leaf.