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Archive for November, 2019

Super stick men

Tuesday, 26 November 2019

Beeches had a fabulous morning, working very hard together to learn a new game and to create some lovely land art. We started with a stick man circle game, quickly learning to sing (to the tune of Tommy Thumb)

Stick man-stick man-stick man-stick man, Can you see, Children (********), Chasing me!”

We chose lots of different things, like ‘Children wearing red hats’ ‘Children wearing blue wellies’ ‘Children who are girls’ and so on…then those who matched the description, ran round the outside of the circle and back to their space, as quickly as they could! Beeches loved this game!

Next we divided into groups to make a big land art stick man-looking around the Forest School site to find anything the children wanted to use. Look at our 3 different stick men…

Group 1

Group 2

And group 3…

We finished of our session with free choice, including the option to make some mini-stick men…

A lovely, busy morning…with great co-operative work and lots of thinking skills being used. Well done Beeches.

A rainy day for Firs and Rowans

Monday, 25 November 2019

Dressed in waterproofs and rain hats, Firs didn’t let the rain get in the way of exploring, learning and having lots  of fun this morning…and Rowans did just the same this afternoon!

Today we investigated using lavender and plant cuttings to paint with. Firs mixed up a tray of mud and used the cuttings as paint brushes. The worked really well…and smelt lovely too!

Firs were feeling very adventurous today…and are really starting to work and play together, sharing turns and enjoying their time outside with their friends

Children in Rowans enjoyed looking for hidden creatures today…they upturned logs and carefully pulled back some bark to discover some slugs, snail eggs and a friendly spider who walked up and down Mrs. Smith’s arm before disappearing under the table!

They also had a go at lavender painting…

…and explored lots of different areas

Stick Sorting

Wednesday, 20 November 2019

Beeches started their afternoon out in the  woods, with a story today…

We LOVE stick man! And really enjoyed hearing about all the different things stick man became in the story.

Next, we all worked together to find different sorts of sticks from around the Forest School site.

We looked for tiny sticks…bendy sticks

Long sticks, thick sticks, straight sticks…bumpy, smooth and Y-shaped sticks!

We looked at all the different piles of sticks, and estimated which we thought had the most in…then counted to check whether we were right!

It’s all about the leaves…

Wednesday, 20 November 2019

Oaks had a great morning today, appreciating the autumnal colours and using leaves both to be creative and to develop their fine motor skills. We made these lovely bookmarks using different leaf shapes and colours, buds, feathers and sticks…and enjoyed a bit of leaf threading too!

We always love a bit of exploring and music making out in the woods and today was no exception…

Leaf hunting and threading with Rowans

Tuesday, 19 November 2019

What a beautifully crisp Autumnal morning we had today. Rowans started their morning hunting through the woods, looking for different leaf pictures. We found leaves from a holly, oak, birch, elder, sycamore and hazel tree…

We collected all the leaf cards together and had a look…

Then, to keep us moving and active in the cold weather, we walked around the woods, looking for lots of different leaves to thread onto a string. The children were encouraged to look for different colours, shapes and sizes…

The strings of different leaves looked lovely when they were complete…

And as always, we had time too, to decide what else to do. Aside from a muddy meal and turn taking in the hammock, lots of fun was had in the  playhouse today, where we re-enacted the story of the 3 little pigs…complete with wolf and piggy voices and lots of laughter!


Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Beeches took part in a descriptive word scavenger hunt today. They used the picture clues to find items to place inside the egg boxes. Some of the things they found were long, spiky, hard, tiny, green, rounded, yellow, soft…

Beeches also finished off the  cheerios that had been left from the  morning session…they enjoyed using them to make feeders for the birds.

After all that work, Beeches enjoyed choosing where to play. It was lovely to see the children developing their own games and ideas and co-operating so well together. The play house was particulary good fun this afternoon.These 3 boys developed a game of pine cone football- scoring goals against the walls! Even the spectator outside found it hilarious to watch!

Fabulous Firs!

Wednesday, 13 November 2019

What a beautiful crisp Autumnal morning we had out in the woods today. Firs were fabulous! They concentrated well, using and developing their fine motor skills to thread cherrios onto pipe cleaners, in order to make feeders for the birds…

Once made, they were hung up ready to be eaten. One of the children decided that the birds needed a little encouragement to come down and eat the cheerios!

We also sorted, counted and played with conkers, acorns, pine cones and wood slices, and used lots of different areas within our site…

The children used lots of gross motor skills to climb, balance, swing, dig and explore…

Bugs, music, fireworks and fun…

Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Our youngest children were out in the woods today-and we’re really proud of how well they have settled into the Forest School routine. Today they investigated mini-beasts-looking closely at and matching pictures and looking to see which ones we could find. We discovered LOTS of woodlice, some worms, slugs and a beetle.

We also used fine motor skills and lots of concentraton, to make these lovely forest fireworks…

As always, the children’s self directed play and investigations were supported and encouraged. Amongst many other activities, we had fun making up some mud kitchen music (which travelled around the woods on it’s debut tour!)…we sorted and counted and sang about leaves…took turns gently rocking friends in the hammock…built towers and climbed trees. What a busy, happy time we had.

Welcome to Forest School Rowans

Tuesday, 5 November 2019

Rowans class had their first session of the year today…and what a lovely start to their time in Forest School it was! We explored and used the site, hunted for a ‘bowl full of worms’, counted and sorted, made mud meals and had a go at making some special Forest School style fireworks…

Rowans concentrated really well in this task. They selected their own firework colours, wrapped the wool and sparkly pipe cleaners around their sticks and when they were done, ‘whooshed’ them into the air!