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Archive for December, 2019

Merry Christmas from Forest School

Wednesday, 11 December 2019

As the end of the term nears and we’re all busy with Christmas productions, parties and church services, we have found a little time to make sure we celebrate the season- Forest School style!

Our handmade Christmas Tree is up in Hollies, and we’ve been busy making some lovely decorations, an indoor tree and these fabulous Rudolf pine cones…

Beeches helped to make a tree trunk using sticks and branches using christmas tree trimmings. They decorated their  tree with pipe cleaner tinsel, cones and a few decorations. They were really pleased with the end result…

Firs loved making these reindeer…we think they look super!

Cranberry decorations

Wednesday, 4 December 2019

Today, both Oaks and Rowans children enjoyed using cranberries and elder sticks to make these lovely decorations

They needed to concentrate hard, as pushing the wire through the cranberries was very tricky!

We also had a go at making Autumnal faces…

…and really enjoyed using this wooden board to be creative with coloured bands…we counted, named colours, made and named shapes, copied patterns and practised fine motor control.

And  look at us exploring dens, using fabulous climbing and balance skills and generally having a brilliant time in Forest School!

Soup..and a fire

Tuesday, 3 December 2019

Today Beeches class helped to build a fire and cook some tomato soup. We started off our morning by looking at and talking about the different sorts of sticks we would need for our fire…then everyone helped to sort out piles of sticks. We looked at how thick the sticks were, and placed them into the correct buckets…

Once the sticks were sorted, we gathered around the log circle and  had a go at using the fire sticker to make a spark…

Then we watched as Mrs. Smith lit the fire. We took turns to add a stick to the  fire…

Once the fire was ready to cook on, we opened some soup and poured it into our big dutch oven. We put it on the fire and waited for it to warm up. It didn’t take very long!

We enjoyed drinking the  soup…it was delicious!