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Archive for February, 2020

Fairy Wands

Wednesday, 26 February 2020

Rowans were back in Forest School today for another half term of sessions. They were very happy to be back and settled easily back into the routines.  We started the  afternoon off  with this story about a hard-of-hearing fairy.

The story was funny as the fairy kept making the wrong spells. We thought we could have a go at making wands…hopefully they would make good magic spells! We started off by choosing a stick

Then decorated it with forest finds, and a selection of other things…

We thought the wands looked great…

Rowans also selected their own activities and judging by the smiles all round, a good time was had by all!

Signs of Spring Welly-Walk

Wednesday, 26 February 2020

Firs enjoyed a walk around the school grounds today, looking for signs of better weather to come, and exploring lots of different areas. We started off by clambering up and standing on some big tree stumps. This was quite tricky as  the wood was wet and a bit slippy…

Next we explored inside a small arc of trees, that provided a place to hide and the opportunity to climb. We listened to a very noisy bird who was just above us!

Then we played trains! We all managed to fit onto a long log, and enjoyed singing and signing ‘the wheels on the train…’

As our walk continued, we looked for green leaves and had a close look at Spring flowers and some catkins we noticed hanging from a tree…

We noticed lots of leaf buds and looked at the leaves starting to uncurl. We also found a few smaller stumps  to play on and a tree that was enormous…as well as a tree that was smaller than the  children!


Predator and Prey

Tuesday, 25 February 2020

Today, Acers learnt the words predator and prey, discussed what they meant and talked about  which woodland animals were predators and which were prey. They also learnt two new games that helped them to understand how smaller animals have to find ways of avoiding being caught!

First we discussed the owl and the mouse. An owl hunts at night and has very good hearing, so the mouse has to be very quiet when hunting for food. The ‘owl’ stood in the centre of our circle with a blindfold on, to recreate the dark night and the ‘mouse’ had to creep very quietly to take a pine cone for  it’s dinner. Sometimes the mice were too noisy and got caught!

Our second game, called fox and rabbits, involved a lot of running around! The rabbits moved from one side of the area to the other, eating the green grass. As soon as they heard the call ‘Run rabbits, RUN!’, they quickly ran to a mat (which we pretended was a hole into their warren). The fox ran after them…if they reached their rabbit hole they were safe, but if not, then the rabbits were eaten by the  fox! Everyone really enjoyed this game.

Next we divided in two groups. The first group worked brilliantly together, to make this land art picture of one of our predators…

With it’s big bushy tail, four legs, two pointed ears, sharp teeth and long whiskers…it’s easy to see that it’s a fox.

The second group sat in the fire circle, practicing with the fire strikers. They all had a turn at pulling up lots of strands from a cotton wool pad, and then lighting it with the flint and steel. We’ll be using these skills in the coming weeks.

Hammering Fun

Wednesday, 12 February 2020

Willows loved using the hammers again this afternoon… this time to knock some nails into a plank of wood. They remembered that they needed to wear a glove on their helper hand, and all concentrated well on gently hammering the nails.

We also did a bit of ‘cooking’ and experimenting…

Bird watching proved to be popular last week, so we got the binoculars and bird ID sheets out again. This week, we looked at pictures of woodpeckers and tried really hard to spot one…we knew it was close by in our woods because we heard it lots of times today!






Wednesday, 12 February 2020

Another lovely morning for Oaks out in Forest School today. They worked hard to fill up the empty bird feeders that Firs left out last week. The birds are obviously very hungry! So we mixed up more fat and seeds, refilled the pots and then hung them out again…

We also practised our cutting skills by trimming some tree clippings and then used them to make some fabulous creations in the mud kitchen!

As always, there was lots going on all around the site-from music-making, balancing, sharing, bird watching, ball rolling to counting and sorting. What fun!

Valentine’s Hearts

Tuesday, 11 February 2020

It was too windy today to go out into the woods, so we stayed in Hollies instead and spent the morning creating Valentine hearts!

We use some Willow cuttings from the Forest School garden, to create these beautiful hearts…

We started by twisting wire around the bottom and middle of 2 willow sticks, then bent the  tops around and tied them on, in order to create the heart shape.

We also made these heart shaped bird feeders, using cranberries and cheerios.

We hung them up on the willow tunnel at the end of the morning…

We also drew what we loved about Forest School, and made these lovely natural hearts using a selection of resources.


Hammers and paint

Thursday, 6 February 2020

Another lovely afternoon for Willows this week. They returned to the bug hotel which we had all worked on a couple of weeks ago, and helped to make it look even better!

They used a hammer to break up some coloured chalk and  once it was in powdered form, they added some water to make chalk paint. (click the pictures to enlarge)

They used the paint to decorate the bug hotel…

Willows also helped out our woodland birds, by filling up the bird feeders.

And enjoyed using the binoculars to see which birds they could spot in the trees. Although we didn’t see it, we did hear our woodpecker, who has lived in our woods for many years!

Birds and seeds and lots of fun

Thursday, 6 February 2020

Firs class started their morning with a bird picture treasure hunt this week…

After finding lots of different birds, the children looked carefully at the bigger bird pictures that were pegged up in the woods…and matched their pictures to them.

On offer this week was the  opportunity to make some bird feeders. We mixed together some lard and bird seed, then pressed  the mixture into small pots. The children chose where to hang them in the woods…

Also this week, we developed fine motor skills using bands stretched around pine cones! An interesting activty that many children enjoyed…

…as well as playing with and rolling acorns, pine cones and conkers…super fun!

Soup and croissants on a cold day

Tuesday, 4 February 2020

Acers were brilliant this morning! They listened carefully to all the safety instructions and behaved perfectly around the  fire-circle.

We learnt how to use the fire strikers to start a fire, we sorted sticks into the  correct sizes and we all helped to add sticks to keep the fire going.

Once the fire was strong enough, we poured some soup into the dutch oven and placed it on top of the fire…

Then we wrapped croissant dough around some long, clean sticks, whilst we waited for  the soup to cook and the fire to die down a little. We held the dough over the embers and watched as they cooked and changed colour.

We all tried some soup and croissants-they were delicious and certainly warmed us all up!