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Cedars go foraging like Vikings!

What a fantastic morning! Cedars were met by the new Viking Chief, who explained that the viking villagers were hungry and thirsty and needed a snack. The village people were relying on their hunting skills…so Cedars were set the task of foraging the grounds for food.

One of our Vikings suggested blackberries, so off we went to find some…


Viking Chief explained howto identify blackberries and talked about how to keep safe while foraging. We had to be very careful of the prickly stems!p1140347p1140350p1140351p1140353

We also found a few other interesting things along the way…


These red berries were found on the ground.

p1140356p1140355The Viking hunters knew they weren’t blackberries, but weren’t sure what they could be. Guesses included apples, tomatoes, peppers and holly berries, but Viking Chief led them on a trail to find the tree they came from and helped them to look closely at the tree and leaf shape . The Vikings learnt that they were berries from a Rowan tree.

Once we’d collected enough blackberries, we washed them and had a taste…some children for the very first time. There were thumbs up all round for our juicy blackberries.


Next, Viking Chief introduced the Kelly Kettle…and explained how making a fire in the bowl and placing the kettle on top, would give us hot water to make a drink of hot chocolate.  The vikings set off to forage for wood, then the fire was lit. Once we could see steam coming out the spout, we knew the water was hot. Hot chocolate has never tasted as good as it did today!

p1140368p1140372p1140374p1140379 p1140380p1140385p1140386

And as we had blackberries left, we decided to use them as face paint to mark us as true Forest School Vikings!





10 Responses to “Cedars go foraging like Vikings!”

  1. Caithan Gauntlett says:

    At the forest I was eating blackberries i loved it and playing with the rope swing and making patterns. It was fun in the forest with my class and Miss Smith

    • Deb Smith says:

      You make me very proud Caithan. You’re doing something new every time we go out to Forest School. In this session, you tried a blackberry for the first time…and then you ate a whole bowl full! I’m glad you are enjoying your time outside and look forward to seeing you again next week.

  2. John says:

    We went to the Forest we picked berries they were blackberries, ate them they were okay.
    We played Vikings and Saxons it was fun.
    Forest school is fun.

    • Deb Smith says:

      It certainly was LOTS of fun playing the Viking and Saxon game John! You were very good at sneaking up on the Saxons without making a sound.

  3. Thomas Simth says:

    I like forest school because it is fun. I like going to the digging pit.

  4. Jayden Simpson says:

    I was making blackberry pictures and hanging them on the hanger and playing with my friends it was fun and we played 123 where are you?

  5. tyrese says:

    I played 123 with my friends in the forest.

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