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Egg hunts and our first FIRE!

It was Acers last session out in the forest today, and as one of the children said…”It’s going to be emotional!”

We started off with a hunt through the forest, collecting Easter stampers…once the children had found all 10 stamps, they were given a spade!


…to dig up a hidden pot…which had an egg inside!


The egg was carefully pulled apart…and inside were yummy chocolate eggs.

These big blue eggs needed a special spray. When they came apart, we found more mini chocolate eggs inside, which were shared around the group.


Then it was time to light our first fire. We all had a go at using the flint and steel to make a spark.

P1090476P1090474 And learnt that first we add very thin, easily lit tinder, then kindling, then thicker sticks as the fire gets going. Everyone took a turn to help add some sticks.


Next we took turns to toast a marshmallow. When it was cooked, we squashed it between 2 biscuits…yum yum!

P1090511P1090508P1090505P1090516 Lastly, because we have SO many Forest School Superstars, everyone was awarded a special hand-made medal, with their name on.

P1090518 P1090539 P1090537 - Copy P1090532 P1090529 P1090524

What a lovely end to our term at Forest School.   Acers…we would love you and your parents to tell us what you have enjoyed doing this term. Please leave a comment and let us know. Thank-you


14 Responses to “Egg hunts and our first FIRE!”

  1. Claire Palin says:

    Robbie has had so much fun at forest school,he has lived learning about nests and insects.He is very proud of his medal.his favourite part was building a nest with Mr Bradbury.thank you for all the hard work all the staff have put into forests school

  2. Paul palin says:

    Marshmallows on a camp fire sounds amazing Robbie has loved every second of forest school and is so pleased with his medal

    • Deb Smith says:

      You can’t beat campfire marshmallows squashed between two biscuits! What a wonderful end to a lovely term with Robbies class.

  3. Robbie palin says:

    Thank you Mrs Smith for making my medal,best part of forest school is being outside with my friends learning.I love my medal and have loved learning about nests and woodland insects

    • Deb Smith says:

      You are welcome Robbie! I’m very glad you like it…I enjoyed making it too. And I owe you a big sticker for remembering to show your mum and dad the photos…and for all your lovely comments. Well done-you are a Forest School superstar.

  4. Claire palin says:

    Robbie has had a great time at Sutton park today,and has really enjoyed collecting pine cones and other things from the park,Sunday asking as it isn’t raining we are going to go to the park and see what we can find.Robbie is very pleased with his sticker thank you for making school so much fun for Robbie

    • Deb Smith says:

      It was such a good morning…we all had great time. Enjoy the park at the weekend, I’m looking forward to hearing what Robbie found!

  5. josh says:

    Forest school was fun. Thank you.

  6. Marie says:

    Whenever Aoife had forest school she would come home and try and tell me all of the fantastic activities that she had done. Thankfully Mrs Smith supplied a very graphic detailed newsletter that would explain what all of the children had done. The forest is fantastic and Langley is very lucky to have such a big space with a great and experienced Forest teacher. A brilliant time was always had by Aoife and her class friends. Aoife absolutely loved her wooden name badge which hangs pride of place in her bedroom. Thank you for giving my child a wonderful experience of nature.

    • Deb Smith says:

      Thank you…how lovely to hear how much Aoife loved it. She never failed to have a smile on her face! I’m very lucky indeed to be able to share all the excitement and wonder the forest brings.

  7. Marie says:

    Wouldn’t it be great if parents could see the fabulous forest school classroom and forest school as they too would see first hand what their child would and can do as part of the forest experience. Maybe the next open afternoon….

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