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Main School

There are eight classes in Main School.

  • Rowans and Willows have children in Years 2 and 3 and work as KS1.
  • Acers and Beeches have Years 3 and 4 and work as Lower KS2.
  • Cedars, Larches, Maples and Poplars have children in Years 5 and 6 and work as Upper KS2.

The children are taught literacy, numeracy, PE and ICT. Additionally other subjects are taught in termly themed topics such as Toy Story (toys) , Tomb Raiders (Egypt) and Out of this World (sun, moon & planets). These themes are set into a 2 year rolling programme so that no child should be taught through a particular theme more than once. Any curriculum areas not taught through the topics will be taught discretely. Where possible, topics are supported by visits using either the school minibus or public transport.

We feel that the ability to swim and be safe in water is important so weekly swimming lessons are provided through Main School. There is also a focus on independence and life skills throughout the school.

As well as the National |Curriculum the children have individual targets which are set at the Annual Review using the barriers to their learning identified in their Statements or Education and Heal Care plan. These are then split into termly targets in the classroom. Where appropriate the children have access to a Speech and Language therapist, a physiotherapist and a behavioural support assistant. There is also support from outside agencies. Where appropriate, children may sit KS1 phonics and KS2 SATs.

Year 6 children are invited to a residential trip to Redridge, Wales where they take part in a range of adventurous activities. This trip lasts for 3 nights and is very successful and enjoyable.

Within school there are opportunities for all children to access lunchtime clubs such as dancing, football and computer clubs.

All documents above are pdf files.

Rowans Class Photographs

Aren't I a clever boy!
Listen to my story.

I want that one!
How do I get down?

Searching for a bargain.
Who wants a drink?

Over or under?
Look at me, I'm swimming.

Loving the challenge.
Can you tell what it is yet?

Willows Class Photographs

Enjoying a sensory writing lesson.
Enjoying some time in the quiet corner.

My favourite activity for choice time.
Practising my mechnic skills.

Acers Class Photographs

Look at how proud I am with my parcel.
Tying the knot on the parcel.

Beeches Class Photographs

Enjoying Coppice playground.
Enjoying greetings time.

Making a chocolate bar.

Cedars Class Photographs

Adding on a number line.
Building circuits.

Data handling in ICT.
Using the computers in our ICT lessons.

Describing the Gruffalo.
Working on a Gruffalo description.

Learning about arrays.
Making fruit kebabs.

Sorting letter sounds.
Thinking skills.

Different ways to make 20 pence.
Writing about the seaside.

Larches Class Photographs

Archaeologists searching for Anglo-Saxon coins.
Balance skills in gymnastics.

Feeding the hungry crocodie the largest number we could find.
Making natural paints using berries.

Painting using handmade paints.
Super stretches and body balancing skills.

More stretching exercises.
Working with Base 10 equipment to find tens and units.

Poplars Class Photographs

Learning about the Anglo Saxon invasion.
Making Mr Twit's beard to celebrate Roald Dahl's birthday.

Sorting materials in science.
We have fun counting.

Intervention Team Photographs

Enjoying a sunny ride on Lady at Gartmore stables.
Using great co-ordination at Redpoint climbing centre.