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Pastoral Support

Outside the pastoral 'green room'.

Pastoral Support for children within school is delivered through a TA for Pastoral Support, Mrs Yvonne Knight who is based in the schools Pastoral Support Centre otherwise known as the ‘Green Room’.

The Pastoral Support Room was established in April 2007 as the school felt it would benefit from:

  • A room where children could go if they needed to calm down or talk to someone;
  • A behaviour recovery room for children to go to if they needed to come out of class, to benefit themselves and the other children in their group;
  • Somewhere that children could work without distraction;
  • A room to be able to meet with parents, to set up and monitor Framework for Intervention behaviour support plans.

Mrs Knight and Ms Hynes work closely together to provide support for the families of Langley children. Also Mrs Knight will see children with emotional needs for individual sessions. These children will be identified by class teachers.

Through our Pastoral Support, we have established monthly Coffee Mornings which allow parents to come in and share worries and successes, getting support from each other. These have led to more focused sessions such as on behaviour eating habits, toileting etc. Outside speakers have occasionally been arranged or school staff contributed to a particular session.

'Behaviour is outstanding. Teachers and teaching assistants are excellent at managing pupils' behaviour positively so that even those who have challenges linked to their special educational needs take increased responsibility for their own behaviour.' (Ofsted November 2013)

Tips and Experiences

To widen this support, we would like to share experiences and tips. If you have a parenting tip that has worked for you or an experience that you would like to share on this page, please email it to Deb Steggall.

In the meantime, these websites cover some useful topics, including tips for behaviour, communication, play, school work, self esteem and toileting:

  • What's the Difference? - A website with lots of information about parenting of children with special needs – ranging from areas of need to advice for a variety of issues.
  • Allkids - Parenting Tips, advice, problems and Information Pages Index.
  • Speech Teach UK - Information that could be useful for parents who have a child with speech difficulties.
  • Practical Parent - Lots of practical, printable parenting tips.