Conker soap and leaf kebabs

11th October 2023

Firs class were super stars this week! They sat and looked closely at a basket of unopened conkers…then carefully felt the prickly cases. We opened them up, and then took turns to help to make a little conker magic! We used some cut up conkers to make our very own conker soap…first we bashed the conkers with a mallet and then put them in a bowl with some warm water. Next we whisked them together and watched as lots and lots of bubbles were formed. It was very exciting! We had a go at cleaning our hands with the bubbles, then used the mixture instead of our usual soap, when we washed our hands at the end of our session…
Firs class also made some conker snakes, some petal  potions, blackberry playdoh creations, strengthen their finger muscles with the elastic bands and geoboards And had great fun climbing, exploring and playing.
What a super morning Oaks class had today. They made some leaf kebabs, listening carefully and selecting different coloured and sized leaves to thread onto a stick. They enjoyed using the letter stones and the number stones, and had such fun jumping from the big cable reels  and sharing turns on the swings.
Acers class also enjoyed exploring and opening up the conkers and helping to make conker soap. They bashed and whisked and sieved the conker mixture, making lots of lovely bubbles, to get their hands really clean!
We introduced them to our conker clamp, which keeps a conker still so that a hole can be drilled through it.  Using the palm drill to make a hole took patience, a little bit of muscle power and coordination, so we were impressed with everyone who managed it. We used the drilled conkers to make a conker snake.