Piggy faces, mud play and making compasses

26th January 2022

Continuing our work on The Three Little Pigs story, Beeches class made these super pig faces today.
They hammered two leaves onto the top of a wood slice, stuck on some googly eyes and then drew the pigs snout. The children’s hammering skills were very good and we think that these little pigs look great!
Beeches also enjoyed big hunting, mud painting, making words with the letter stones and using the hammock and swings  
Firs class love sensory play, and today it was about the mud!
They also enjoyed a lot of climbing and balancing as well as exploring all the activities on offer…
Acers children worked hard on making their own compass today, using a wood slice, a drill, a pipe cleaner and some pens, They drilled a hole in the centre of their wood slice, then marked out their compass points. They drew north, south east and west in the correct positions then threaded the pipe cleaner  through the hole and used it to set which direction they wanted to go…