Welcome back to a new Forest School term

13th September 2023

What a lovely start we’ve had to our new Forest School year. We welcomed Acers and Oaks classes this week, and enjoyed seeing all of our new children getting involved in lots of different activities. 

Acers started their afternoon looking at and talking about blackberries and learnt that we only pick the black ones…and only with a grown up. Everyone helped to pick some blackberries just behind our forest school classroom. The children were so sensible! They looked carefully, picked gently and shared the wicker baskets to collect the blackberries in. When we got to the log circle, we took turns to squish the blackberries and then used them to paint pictures using the blackberry paint.
We also used some autumn treasures to play with. We counted conkers, and used acorns, conkers, leaves, pine cones and other natural resources to make some fabulous faces! 
Oaks class had a busy, happy morning exploring our site. It’s a huge area for our youngest children, who still aren’t doing full days yet, so we were really impressed to see them happily investigating and having fun…but for some, the lull of the hammocks was all too relaxing and a little fresh-air nap was just what they needed!