Larches cook tomato soup

9th February 2021

Larches had a super afternoon cooking soup over the fire...looking carefully at how the cubes of frozen soup changed from a solid to a liquid, and identifying when they were able to see it steaming, meaning some of the liquid had turned to gas. 
We began by taking turns to use the fire striker...Larches children did incredibly well with this task 
Then we lit the fire and took turns to wear the fire gloves and add sticks...
We added the frozen chunks of soup to the cooking pot and put it on the fire. We watched as the solid chunks melted and turned to liquid. We added some more tins of soup and gave it a good stir.
The soup tasted delicious!
We watched as the fire died down and turned to embers, talking about all the changes we had seen today. 
The embers were lovely and warm and before going off to play in the snow, we enjoyed the heat as we warmed our hands up