Room on the broom

17th January 2024

Beeches and Poplars enjoyed listening to the story Room on the Broom last week, and we used the story for lots of fun forest activities this week.
We began with a picture trial, then helped to retell the story when we got to the log circle – taking turns to hang up the pictures in the correct order.
We then made our own smelly potions, using lavender stalks, rosemary, cloves, pine tree, clippings, egg shells, and leaves. We added a little water, stirred and smelt our potions. Some of Poplars used their potions to make a magic spell…we had such fun, that we will be doing some more spells next week!
We also used the alphabet stones to write the names of the story characters, made a broomstick on the ground using different thicknesses of sticks, practised our fine motor skills by twisting pipe cleaners around pine cones and using twisting screws with the screwdrivers and enjoyed lots of exploration and investigation.