Potions, spinners and special paint

26th June 2024

Maples had a magical morning making potions in Forest School. They went on trail around the woods, looking for ingredients which had been left by the Superworm characters. They collected all sorts of things including toads toenails, webs from spider, Superworm slime, beetle juice and  caterpillar spikes. All mixed together with some magical coloured water! 
Once the potions were ready, we used the wands we made last week to stir them and to make a special (often very funny) spell! These ranged from making us sing, dance, laugh, fly and wobble like a jelly, to becoming a frog, a dinosaur and a fairy! We had such a fun time inventing, taking part and watching
Later on, we remembered Wizard Lizards spell -making Superworm hunt underground for treasure. We had a go at hunting for hidden treasure too…and found quite a lot!
Hollies worked really hard making their own spinners using the bit and brace drill. They drilled two holes in the centre of a wood slice, then decorated it with bright colours. They then threaded string through the holes and spun the wood slice round and round-tightening the string- before pulling the strings to make the spinner whizz round and round. 
The children were all very pleased with their work. And so they should be! Well done Hollies.
Oaks enjoyed making two different types of paint today-a squashed raspberry red, to paint a picture of a butterfly and different coloured chalk paint to make a stone caterpillar! Both resulted in some lovely work.
We also had fun with the water, the diggers and lots more…take a look at the photos and see how amazing our youngest children are!