Rowans-fairy fires, stick sorting, hiding and lots of fun

19th May 2021

 As has become our routine-we started off our afternoon by checking in on the tadpoles!
 Next we all learnt how to play a hiding and listening game, ‘123 where are you’
We took turns hiding and listening...and when those of us looking shouted out ‘123 where are you?’, those hiding had to call out ‘123, I’m here’
We listened carefully to where the sound was coming from, then went to find them!
Rowans loved this game and played it really well 
Mrs Smith needed some help this afternoon…her stick boxes were almost empty, so everyone  worked hard together to collect different sized sticks. They made sure that they were the right size to fit in each box and that they matched the width of the sticks already in there…very thin, thin and thick. 
Rowans children really enjoyed using the fire strikers last week, so this week bought them out again for them to have a go at making their own ‘fairy fires’. 
They pulled apart a cotton wool pad in order to get lots of air inside, then used the flint and steel to make a spark and light it… It was very exciting!
What a lovely happy bunch of children… Always busy… Always creative… Always having fun!