Mr Wolf, Hot Chocolate and Following a Trail

2nd February 2022

Beeches had a fabulous sunny morning, focusing on Mr. Wolf.
They really loved playing ‘what’s the time Mr Wolf?’… getting very good at sneaking up on the wolf and keeping very still when he turned around! When the wolf shouted ‘Dinnertime!!!’ everyone ran back to the straw house as quickly as they could!
Beeches made some brilliant pictures this week…they worked together to make a big picture of the wolf, adding natural materials to represent his different body parts. They also made some individual smaller pictures of the three pigs and the wolf.
Elsewhere in the woods, they were very keen on climbing today as well as making some marvellous muddy meals for Mr Wolf in the mud kitchen
Oaks have asked us several times if they could please have a fire one week… and as they are such a sensible class we decided to let them make their own hot chocolate this week using our Kelly kettle, warmed over a small fire.
The children were so excited to help and watch…
We had a wonderful time watching two very noisy robins this morning! They sang so loudly to us and stayed very close. We loved following them as they hopped from branch to branch. We lay some food on the ground close by and the robins ate it all up 
Acers have been working on compass directions this term and today embarked on a directions treasure trail. They started at the log circle and followed each of the direction cards in order to find 9 different animal stamps. They had to follow the directions correctly and collect the stamps in the right order, before collecting a chocolate prize at the end.