Frogs and hammering fun!

8th June 2021

What a brilliant start we had to our last half term of Forest School this morning.
We found this beautiful frog in our pond, and gently held and looked at it before it hopped away back into the water. We also looked at the tadpoles…Some of which are beginning to grow tiny buds where their back legs will grow.
Maples class were fabulous at using the hammer to make these name plaques. They carefully placed nails or tacks along the letters of their name. We will be working on these Forest School momento’s for a few weeks so watch this space!
Maples tried out our new screwdriver boards today. We had different headed screwdrivers to match different headed screws. They selected a screw and used the correct screwdriver to twist the screw into the wood. This took a lot of fine motor control and concentration…and what a brilliant job these children did of completing this activity.
As always, there was a lot going on around the forest school site, from birdwatching to mini beast hunting, from swinging to making mud meals. We also enjoyed using a tent today, as a quiet storytelling base.