Maples -Castles and pulleys and hammers and fun!

3rd March 2021

Maples have had a busy time out in Forest School this week...
Look at this amazing castle, that was built, knocked down and rebuilt again!
The children love  using our home made geo-boards so we decided to make a new one.
Wow! They really impressed us with how brilliantly they concentrated on (and how well they used) the hammer to bang nails into a new piece of wood. It was great to see how much they have improved in this skill since last time. 
We enjoyed investigating, finding, matching and naming different mini-beasts.
We also chose which we liked best and used stampers to record our 1st, 2nd and 3rd favourites...
We made stick shapes, counted sticks, ordered numbers and identified and matched the toy birds to the bird pictures-sending the matching one back along the pulley
We worked together to make a castle, made from mud.
Making mud paint and using the pulleys to haul the buckets up high, are two of Maples favourite activities!